Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Is Carpet Bros Day.

Sometimes, life just doesn't get any better. Especially when it's Wednesday and you can look forward to another episode of Carpet Bros.

Carpet Bros. is a web based film series that takes place in the mid 1970s, with the announcement that Brock Raylon, owner and founder of Carpet Galaxy, has died, leaving his three sons to pick up the pieces and save the business.

From the 60Frames writeup:

"Amidst fondly remembering their late father, the Carpet Brothers realize that Carpet Galaxy is swimming in debt. Biz kingpin Raymond Davies Allen sees it as the perfect opening to get his mitts on the company.

Brock Raylon, owner and founder of Carpet Galaxy, Rancho Cucamonga's home for discount carpets, has died. It's up to his three sons—Skip Spence Raylon (TIM MEADOWS), Xavier Montrose Raylon (MARC EVAN JACKSON) and Paul Samwell-Smith Raylon (BOB DASSIE) to save the company from the massive debt left by their father. Adding to their woes is the threat of Raymond Davies Allen's (DAVID SPADE) desire to take it over. Can the brothers keep it together and preserve the heritage of over 50 years of discount carpet service? Can they ensure shag, plush, cropped and man-made fibre rugs continue to remain available to legions of Rancho Cucamongians? ...

Created by Matt Piedmont. Starring David Spade and Tim Meadows. Carpet Bros is a 60Frames original series."

I first came across Carpet Bros via this article Tim Meadows and David Spade Star in 'Carpet Bros.' The pictures alone got my attention. Not to mention the subject matter... and I like the color scheme of the Carpet Bros logo!

Although this article David Spade and Tim Meadows in 'Carpet Brothers' isn't too impressed with the program, I encourage you to take a look.

First, these video clips don't take themselves too seriously. The music and the visuals are great fun and you'll get a giggle out of the acting.

Next, I'm hopeful that all kinds of carpet gems will emerge. For example, so far there's 'Carpet Diem,' 'you can't sell carpet from a swatch' and the deceased's best seller book titled 'Rugs, Not Drugs. My Life in Carpet."

Be warned, you will hear a smattering of foul language. If you can overlook that, I think you'll find Carpet Bros worth exploring. So far, I have. I'm certainly curious as to where this unusual webisode based film will go.

If nothing else, it should help us appreciate how far beautiful carpet has come since the 1970s!

Carpet Bros episodes include:
+ Episode One is titled Carpet Trouble.
+ Episode Two is titled A New Plan.

Episode Three is due out any moment now...

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