Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Carpet Style Trends 2010

Mesmerizing carpet at the Wynn Las VegasIt's that time of year again... to consider Carpet Style Trends for 2010. More specifically, with a focus on 'upbeat' design and color.

Two recent flooring articles on the subject caught my attention:

  • The other from Floor Covering Weekly dated January 4-18, 2010, titled "Style watch: Surprisingly upbeat designs, colors".
Yes, both articles mention how, in tough times, consumers tend to gravitate toward safe flooring choices. They also both call attention to color, pattern and design to banish the doom and gloom and bring joy, energy and enthusiasm back.

It works for me!

The carpet photos above comes from the Wynn in Las Vegas. I couldn't help admiring it. It filled me with warmth and delight. Isn't that the kind of effect - perhaps not with the same color palette or design scheme - that you'd like to create in your home?

Getting back to the articles and bringing some of that inspiration home:

The Color splashes article refers to "bold colors with dramatic, over-sized patterns... in an almost out of context scale". How better to "break free from the doldrums"?

The Style Watch article details interesting color trends that gravitate around "vintage, reused and recycled material." Brings to my mind the notion of everything old is new again. Even though both "color [and] pattern [are] showing restraint", consumers are nonetheless looking beyond beige and safe. With patterns, they are leaning toward small to medium scale patterns, organic designs, animal prints as well as contemporary, geometric and organic patterns. I see small scale and organic patterns in the image above, don't you?

I love the ending of the article: "...the downturn has caused everyone to look at things in a whole new way... We have a new appreciation for things. The downturn has given us a chance to turn inward and try new things we wouldn't have..."

How are you looking to infuse that new appreciation in the carpet style trends you're considering?


Marlene said...

I found your blog, it is great!!!
I want to ask a question, but couldn't find a place to do it.
I am shopping for whole house carpet LR, Stairs, upstairs hall, 2 bedrooms and one den. I'm going Frize, (BTW I found it spelled with an S as in the dog on a UK site) Shag for the LR and a lower pile for stairs & other rooms.
The problem is me vs. my family. I like the sprinkled affect they think it will look like there is dirt in it. They know nothing about carpet, whereas I have carpeted my two places in my lifetime. Even with this experience, I am very nervous about this decision. I love the look of a small piece, but I know on a very large scale, it can take on a very different look. I am looking at Bliss - Healthy Home - Cashmere and Chiffon in an eggshell. Also it is PET, should I completely avoid PET and go only Nylon? With older kids 22 & 18 they will be here much less in the coming years.
My husband would like whatever I choose.
Any advice?
or I will look back here for the next few days.
Thank you so much!!!!

CB Whittemore said...

Marlene, I hope you found my email response helpful. You sound like you are having a marvelous time exploring options and considering a range of constructions and styles for your carpet. Please let me know how it goes and how it all looks!


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