Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nourison Rug Accents A Room

Style VA26 from Nourison's Vallencierre collection
I love how carpets and rugs add warmth and visual appeal to a room.  Rugs, in particular, create design accents that can define the purpose of a space, generate conversation and generally convey a sense of hospitality to a space.  Take this room scene from Nourison with its magnificent styled rug.

My friend, Elise Demboski, executive director North America of Wools of New Zealand, forwarded me this image. She thought I would enjoy it.

She was right!

I asked Elise for more information:

Style VA26 from Nourison's Vallencierre collection features an elegantly eclectic transitional motif that enhances both traditional and contemporary interiors with a sophisticated fashion accent. All rugs in the Vallencierre collection carry the Wools of New Zealand brand and are hand-washed, hand-carved, and hand-finished for an appearance that is both luxurious and unmistakably fashion-forward.

Note: what the photo above doesn't properly capture is how textural the pattern is with its hand-carved quality. Truly scrumptious!

What do you think about this particular carpet rug style?

By the way, you might consider checking out Elise's blog Wool For A Better World.

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