Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Carpet Style Trends from CarpetRight

New Carpet Style Trends from CarpetRight
If you remember from Carpetright Style Guide: Carpet Inspiration Online, Carpetright in the UK offers carpet design and style inspiration via online trends and monthly tips.  These are created by Victoria Redshaw and have recently been updated with new carpet style trends!

More specifically, when you next visit the Carpetright Style guide, you'll find details on the 3 following new trends:

* Jubilant Indigo

* Country Ideals

* Grand Bazaar

What I love most about how Victoria presents these carpet style trends is that she suggests how to get the look, create interesting design groupings, then complete the look with carpet recommendations.

As I read through each trend, I find myself thinking how I might go about creating that trend...

In addition to the style guide trends, you'll find two new interior design tips since my last post, both extremely practical and relevant:  How to make a small room look bigger and Simple Rules for Selecting Colours.

I invite you to go explore.  Then, will you let me know which carpet style trend you find most appealing and which interior design tip most valuable?

Thanks for reading!

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