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Carpet Style Trends & Ideas: George Clarke

Carpet Style Trends & Ideas: George Clarke
Did you participate in the 10/15/10 live web chat with UK designer George Clarke?  If not, you can still enjoy the replay and glean carpet style trends, colors and ideas from the lively exchanges that took place. Here is a link to the housetohome webchat with George Clarke.

I thought I would recap for you George's comments relating to carpet since they are so relevant to the Carpetology Blog and bring to life some great carpet style trends and ideas.

By the way, George has carpet in his home. During the webchat he explained that he has carpet in his bedrooms and is about to install 1000 sq. feet of carpet in his newly designed basement because he wants that space to be "sofy, cosy and quiet..."

My friends at Funonthefloor.com invited me to ask the first question. What an honor!

Let’s kick off with a question from Christine B Whittemore of Carpetology - "My readers are very interested in carpet style trends. What's the best way to incorporate the latest carpet patterns and styles in home design?"

George's response:
Bold colours or simple stripes are a really good way to incorporate the latest trends... this Season's 'Ballet Russe' is a perfect example of a latest trend - get the look with a rich red or plum carpet in a velvet pile - these are perfect and luxurious for bedrooms. There are loads of ideas and more information on this at www.funonthefloor.com.

[Thank you, George, and FunontheFloor!]

George Clarke offered advice on making a "teeny little flat in London" look bigger:  first have a big clear out and declutter, use minimal finishes and over elaborate on furnishings and decoration, integrate storage as much as possible rather than having free standing furniture, use a light coloured carpet on the floor or other light finishes...and paint all of the walls a light bright colour...a matt trade white is my favourite...keep everything minimal and simple. G

On making a space look less gloomy and more cheerful: get as much natural light in there as possible. My house is north facing and I have lots of skylights to get stronger light into all of the rooms. A few bright and bold colours on the wall or on the floor by using bright, colourful carpet can also add colour and vibrancy to a room....light and colour!!!!!! G

On carpet for absorbing sound and as alternative to wood flooingI'm a big fan of thick comfortable carpet. Timber flooring has been trendy for years but can often be cold in a room and for flats like yours its impractical. Go soft, cosy and luxurious...visit www.funonthefloor.com...G

[NB: Carpet is also a "brilliant insulator!!!!!!" says George.] 

On which colors are popular trends for carpet:  Abby...no way!...people are far more adventurous now and are avoiding the usual beige. The research and trends today show that people are looking to personalise their style and want to bring more character into their homes...the days of boring bland and neutral are gone! visit www.funonthefloor.com to see the trends for this year...you'll be impressed! G [CB: Hurray! George says it's ok to banish the beige!]

On carpet and kids:  everyone thinks carpet is completely impractical with kids...this aint true...they are much easier to clean and maintain than they used to be so don't compromise on comfort over practicality. There are ways of keeping your carpet in great nick. G

On the best carpet style for high traffic areas - asked by Blue Ant Studio blogA carpet labelled ‘Heavy Domestic’ will be good for high traffic areas. Berber carpets, also known as looped pile, are very durable and practical. A cut pile or twist is good for any room in the home.

Your carpet retailer should be able to help you choose one...and visit www.funonthefloor.com for even more inspiration and technical advice. G

[Note for North American readers: 'heavy domestic' is a carpet performance rating in the UK.]

Read through the web chat replay for some of the other tips, trends and ideas that George Clarke shared. As you can tell from these few responses the energy and enthusiasm were high - on George's part and from those participating and asking questions. Don't you think?

For additional resources about carpet trends and design ideas, check out:
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