Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Want Carpet? Pick a Number!

Want Carpet? Pick a Number! The Mathematical Carpet
From what I've observed, flooring - and carpet - tends not to get the attention and credit it deserves for completing a room design. The floor matters aesthetically and practically. It also creates opportunity for conversation (i.e., human warmth) and I love encountering carpet examples that help make that point. In this case, it's via numbers. Hence the title to this post: Want Carpet? Pick a Number!

More specifically, numbers as in this carpet labeled "The Mathematical Carpet" which I learned about via The Mathematical Carpet in The New York Times.

This "Mathematical Carpet" features - what else but... numbers. The end result is a numbers-based, Abstract-Expressionist inspired carpet designed by Hokanson's Carpet [Note: website relentlessly plays Sinatra's "Do it my way"] in Houston, TX.

Each rug is custom made which -to me- means that you can pick and choose which numbers best suit your fancy.

I particularly love the range of colors and the lack of bland beige-ness.

Imagine the conversations you might have as a result of a number-inspired carpet: the state of the economy, how successful you were in closing your last deal, reviewing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with your children, the order of numbers, probability, proportions in recipes, ... The possibilities are endless!

Wouldn't an alphabet version be fun, too? With a mixture of script and print and a range of handwriting styles. I'd identify it as "The Handwriting Carpet".

What's your reaction? What carpet designs have you come across that lead to interesting conversations? Any that are number-based?

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