Monday, December 31, 2007

Meet C.B. Whittemore

Updated 10/27/10:  Greetings! Although I'm still C.B. Whittemore, other details have changed.

More specifically, although I'm an original Woman of Wear-Dated and still track sightings of the Wear-Dated brand, I no longer have any affiliation with Wear-Dated or Solutia.

I am now Chief Simplifer of Simple Marketing Now, my marketing consultancy focused on helping companies do more with their marketing and get involved in social media and content marketing.

You can learn more about the blogs that I write in addition to The Carpetology Blog.

You'll also find me writing for Marketing Profs and the Content Marketing Institute.

Thanks for being part of what happens here on The Carpetology Blog!

Hi! I'm Christine B. Whittemore. One of the Women of Wear-Dated.

I blog as C.B. Whittemore over at Flooring The Consumer, my blog about the retail experience and marketing to women, especially in flooring.

I'm also Director of In-Store Innovation for Solutia Inc.'s Wear-Dated carpet fiber.

My title tends to generate questions. Questions about what I do and what it means. I've gotten them from friends -- Diva Marketing's Toby Bloomberg, Anna Farmery at the Engaging Brand, and Susan Abbott from Customer Experience Crossroads -- and from customers. My title winds up being a great ice-breaker.

Not to mention a great reason to be trying new, innovative things. Like being one of the Women of Wear-Dated and being involved in The Carpetology Blog!

Here's some of what I do. I interact with retailers and carpet mills. And, since I'm fascinated with the consumer retail experience [and I'm a consumer], I share that perspective in articles I write for trade publications, through Flooring The Consumer and via educational seminars.

I'm also involved in getting the word out about what Wear-Dated does in the marketplace -- via press releases, blog posts and presentations. I've been blogging since June 2006 and love it!

Although I interact with many flooring retailers, I'm specifically responsible for our relationship with Carpet One Floor & Home, Flooring America and Flooring Canada, ProSource Wholesale and the International Design Guild. So, I learn a great deal from these retailers, and others, and try to share what I learn through my writings.

My qualifications as a Woman of Wear-Dated? I've been working in the Wear-Dated carpet fiber division since 2003. Before that, I worked in our Wear-Dated upholstery fabric and Wear-Dated apparel divisions. I have a long history [since 1993] with Wear-Dated; and, I know people who worked with Wear-Dated before then. You'll find that I also track historic Wear-Dated sightings!

I'm constantly on the lookout for flooring experiences, flooring inspiration and flooring ideas. Good ones. I'm on the lookout for how to improve the retail experience, too. I spend a lot of time watching, learning, reading and absorbing what's happening in the marketplace, and putting it all into perspective as a consumer, a woman, a mom, and a business person.

Which makes me very excited about being a part of The Carpetology Blog and generating interest and appreciation for a product that often gets short shrift.

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Anonymous said...

C.B. - Congrats! on the launch of the Wear-Dated blog. Looking forward to, what I am certain, will be an "innovative" read (smile).

CB Whittemore said...

Toby, thanks for your wonderful encouragement! I'm excited.

Anna Farmery said...

I think it is your views, thoughts on how to create a wonderful consumer experience more than your title that makes you the kind of person I want to connect with....looking forward to April

CB Whittemore said...

Thanks, Anna! I look forward to our meeting, too.

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