Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fashion Trends: Color-Emotion from Mohawk

I am mad for color.

And, I love information that puts into perspective the various social, economic, cultural and fashion trends swirling around us.

For that reason, I was delighted when Vickie Gilstrap, Vice President, Residential Color and Design for Mohawk and Karastan Woven Product Development, and her team -- Nathan Hammett, Lauren Campbell, Luanne Holloway, Rebecca Frazee, Cliff Lyles, Susie Bell, Katherine Bugsch, and Michael Thompson -- shared with us their 2007 color presentation titled "Color-Emotion."

Here is the backdrop for the presentation:

"The American Consumer is made up of different genders, age groups, and cultural backgrounds.

We all agree that color selection is very important. You can make a statement with color; you'll get a reaction to color. But, color is a very personal choice because emotion comes into play. Different people are going to see, appreciate and accept color in different ways."

I bet color matters to you.

Experience the full Color-Emotion presentation, then, by visiting these links on Flooring The Consumer:

+ Color-Emotion From Mohawk - Part I
+ Part II - White
+ Part III - Going For Baroque
+ Part IV - Desert Neutrals
+ Part V - Eco-Chic/Eco-Elegance

And, then, let us know what you think. Is there a trend that really resonates with you? Which is your favorite color?

By the way, you can also learn more about how Mohawk gets perspective on which carpet colors and patterns are popular around the country in Flooring Inspiration From Mohawk.

Disclaimer: Mohawk and Karastan are Wear-Dated's customers.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing …color is a very interesting subject and very subjective as you have noted….we experience this process everyday with every client and even amongst the designers for both corporate and retail here at MD. I also think that the way colors are used together and the proportion of them and how they relate to each other is another very key ingredient to “color”, as well as pattern or texture.

CB Whittemore said...

Lisa, you make a very interesting point about how colors are used together/relate to one another, in addition to pattern and texture. Depending on the proportions, the look/feel and overall mood can be completely different. Thanks for contributing.

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