Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In The News: Carpet of Peace

A Carpet of Peace. Doesn't that sound worthy and inspiring?

It reminds me of Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock and how 'world peace' progressed from insipid response to a truly worthy desire.

I certainly yearn for Peace across the globe. I love that a carpet might be both symbol and enabler of Peace.

The original announcement recently came out in Today.AZ All News From Azerbaijan and has been picked up by [although they did not include an image].

The story isn't long:

Azerbaijan likely to add to Guinness World Records with its "Carpet of Peace"

The due statement was made by Ashraf Geybatov, honored painter of Azerbaijan, currently residing in the Koblentz city of Germany.

He informed about a unique carpet of 3x5 meters in size, which will be weaven by 30,000 people from all over the world. It will be called a carpet of peace. Our compatriot will participate in the project, as a carpet designer.

"The carpet will be weaven in Newberg. Each tourist, a representative of any other country, will be invited into a special workshop to make a few knots. Those, involved into the process, will have to leave information about themselves and their work, on the site, which is to propagandize this project", Geybatov said.

The technical part of the issue is currently being discussed.

Imagine: 30,000 people involved in creating this symbol of Peace! And that each should leave elements of his or her individual story behind so that the carpet can also be the centerpoint of all of those stories. I'm eager to learn more!

I investigated further.

About the artist. Here is a photo of Ashraf Geybatov. I discovered his background after searching under the spelling Ashraf Heybatov: born in Baky, Azerbaijan; graduate of the Art Institute in Baky. He holds the rank of honored artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan; he is a member of the UNESCO International Federation of Artists. [UNESCO encourages international peace and universal respect by promoting collaboration among nations.] He has created large monumental wall pieces in Baky, Moscow and many cities in Germany [Images of Heybatov's works are available here], as well as a piece titled “9/11. New York.”

I learned that an exhibition of his works will take place in the Vatican, the first ever exhibit of a Muslim artist. Heybatov comments that "his works "The Hell" and "The Heaven" were presented in the framework of an international conference, held on Rodos island, where they were noticed by a representative of Vatican's Committee for Culture."

I'm not sure when the project will get started, but will report any updates here.

In the meantime, if you're not sure you can schedule a trip to Neuberg, Germany, then consider another approach to supporting World Peace: Stand Up For World Peace as created on by Maddogza [subscribers, click on Stand Up for World Peace to view video].

I yearn for World Peace. Let's create that Carpet of Peace and then, let's Stand Up on it for World Peace.

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