Monday, March 31, 2008

Carpet In The News: Fun Slides Carpet Skates

Magic Carpet Ride originally uploaded by Michelle Brea.
What memories do you associate with sliding across or down slippery surfaces? Possibly at a carnival or amusement park slide, or on slippery polished floors, or maybe even on an elusive ice patch....

Do you remember that youthful thrill and delightful rush of adrenaline combined perhaps with a hoot of hilarity? Maybe even miss it?

Well, in case you yearn for those experiences and bemoan that your many carpeted surfaces prevent you from such lively diversions, I have uncovered just the product for you!

That's right. Have you heard of Fun Slides [that] Put People on the Carpet -- Literally?
Faster Than Email: Carpet Skates. He also includes a video showing how fun the FunSlides are...

This other short FunSlide carpet skates YouTube clip [subscribers, please click link to view video] does a nice job showing how FunSlides appeals to a wide range of kids at heart.

I must admit that I love the idea of something that allows you to "zip around indoors" so efficiently.

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