Monday, July 7, 2008

Flooring America Carpet Styles To Consider - Part I

I haven't gotten up-close-and-personal with carpet since early May. It's definitely time! Over two blogposts, I will highlight six carpet styles worth considering. These are carpet styles available at Flooring America stores across North America, and include Baby Moon, All My Heart, Breaking Waves, Top Right and Top Left and Lake Winnipeg.

In this post, I will focus All My Heart, Top Right and Top Left from Downs, and Lake Winnipeg from the Heatherfield Collection.

I mention these Flooring America carpet styles not just because they are made with Wear-Dated carpet fiber, but also because they capture many of the characteristics I describe in The Latest in Carpet Style Trends: stylish, luxurious, complementary to hard surface and featuring a range of fashionable colors.

I'll review each in turn.

All My Heart represents a level cut loop, where the loop alternates with a cut or pile section, creating a pattern.

The pattern is subtle, somewhat random yet also geometric in its abstraction.

The official romance reads: "Soft elegance is the allure of this exquisitely crafted carpet. This pattern will enhance and warm any interior. Crafted of Solutia Wear-Dated DuraSoft carpet fiber with Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology, this delicate yet durable fabric features a designer color palette."

As you can see, the designer color palette includes 24 colors.

Top Right and Top Left are related. They represent a good and better textured saxony style and share a common color line of 40 colors.

My photo doesn't do these products justice; it doesn't fully communicate how thick and opulent they feel. However, the close-up below gets closer to conveying how delicious Top Left is.

Top Left resembles Beautiful Vista.

The official description reads: "Top Right/Top Left makes life simpler and more beautiful. Designed with comfort in mind, this better/best textured saxony is a versatile decorating element that can be mixed or matched with just about any d├ęcor. Use it as a backdrop for patterned furnishing or cover your floors in a color that speaks for itself. Regardless of the shade you choose, you can depend on Wear-Dated nylon to give you the quality and performance you want and need in a carpet. "

From this shot of the color palette, notice the many warm colors at the top as well as the range of cool colors at the bottom.

All three of these products belong to Downs.

According to the Flooring America site [and adapted for our recent press release], the Downs Collection reflects over four generations of heritage and reliability as one of the most respected and trusted names in the flooring industry. Its reputation for superior construction, exclusive styling and unsurpassed performance makes it a go-to brand for customers seeking a great-looking, long-lasting floor.

The last product I want to offer for consideration in this post is Lake Winnipeg. It represents a berber loop pile carpet from the Heatherfield Collection, which groups together loops.

What I particularly love about this carpet style is how a large loop alternates with a smaller, brighter loop, creating a delicious tone-on-tone effect. It is similar in look and feel to French Riviera.

The official description reads: "Expanding on the classic softness of our berber loop pile carpets. Lake Winnipeg will garner the attention of consumers everywhere. Constructed of Solutia Wear-Dated Durasoft will make decorating easy and fun."

Here is the color line of 16 colors.

In part II, I'll get up close and personal with Baby Moon and Breaking Waves.

Let me know if you have any questions about these products, and do check out the Flooring America promotion we have listed on our website for July and August, 2008.

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Anonymous said...

The article in display are awesome. what's the life of these carpets if used in offices.

CB Whittemore said...

Govindan, these are residential carpet styles so I wouldn't expect them to be ideal in an office environment - unless you're thinking of a reception space or a seating area.

Another option for a work space [i.e., one where you have wheeled office chairs] would be to use a floor mat specifically for carpet.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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