Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Foot's Perspective - Episode 9

Mannington's Runway Collection - Savy made with Ultron carpet fiber.

Episode 9 of A Foot's Perspective takes place in Solutia's Ultron Carpet Fiber showroom at the Chicago Merchandise Mart during the recent NeoCon.

NeoCon takes place every year in early June. This is the time when the contract divisions of carpet mills and furniture manufacturers unveil the latest collections and concepts for the corporate world.

What's important to us as consumers is that these trends trickle down to our world in one to two years - usually with lighter colors.

Clayton Miller's Cadence from the Peace Collection made with Solutia Ultron Prismatic with StainGuard carpet fiber

Here, I spend time with Ann Hurley as she describes new carpet trends relevant to the corporate side of the marketplace.

Solutia's Ultron showroom floor showcased four new introductions:

+ Mannington's Savy from the Runway Collection [pictured above]. The random starburst pattern has a shadow effect that comes from the sheared loops.

+ Clayton Miller's Cadence from the Peach Collection [to the left]. Note the handcrafted sweater quality that comes from the tufting.

North Adams from Bentley Prince Street with Solutia Ultron Prismatic carpet fiber

+ North Adams from Bentley Prince Street [see left]. Note the contrast coming from light and dark yarns, with accents of black and multicolor yarns.

+ JJ/Invision's Broken Slate from Altered Elements [see below right]. Here, you see a combination of tonal color with bright and dull luster.

As Ann points out in her comments, the carpet style or trend story has to do with contrast. Whether it is created through texture, color variation, and -the newest- luster, or a combination, contrast is the story.

JJ/Invision Broken Slate from Altered Elements from Solutia Ultron carpet fiber

In an upcoming blogpost, I'll show you more of the showroom - this time, the walls!

Meanwhile, here is an up-close-and-personal foot's perspective on new carpet introductions featuring Solutia's Ultron carpet fiber.

[Subscribers, please follow this YouTube link to view the video.]

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Thanks for reading and watching!

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Anonymous said...

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CB Whittemore said...

John, thanks for sharing that information, and thanks for visiting.

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