Friday, February 27, 2009

Ultron Color Trends - Designer Workshops

I'm fascinated with trends and the influences on color and design, and how they differ based on regional interpretations. Imagine, then, how intrigued I was when I learned that Ultron carpet fiber was bringing together designers in a first-ever series of four workshops to discuss color trends.

Ann Hurley set the stage for these events which took place in 2008 over an eight week period in four cities around the country: Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and New York. Eight to 12 seasoned designers were invited to each event. Each was asked to bring to the sessions inspiring color chips, samples, magazine articles, photos and swatches. [Ann says that, in addition to magazine photos, participants brought in custom mixed nail polish colors , flower petals, hand knitted yarn samples, wood, fabrics, paint swatches, threads, eucalyptus stems, glass tiles, etc. Truly thought-provoking!]

The events took place in the evening so no daily work obligations would interfere.

Each event started out with Ann sharing and discussing three design boards she had put together to set the stage for discussion. These boards [see photo left] represented the influences and captured the process that Ann goes through as she puts together a color forecast.

Her sources of inspiration include global trends from the trade shows she attends [NeoCon, Heimtextil, and Maison et Objet], influences from Italy and Berlin (Bauhaus), photos from CMG and CAUS workshops and nature.

Next, workshop participants each had 5 to 10 minutes to introduce themselves, their firms, their specialities as well as show and discuss what they had brought - their inspiring colors and samples.

[While that took place, Ann created color trend boards of what they had brought to the meetings.]

And then the group discussed what each had brought, examining similarities and / or differences..... and thinking about international trends, regional trends, historical trends, and color trends for 2009 as well as "star gazing" for 2010 and beyond.

Afterwards Ann disassembled and reassembled the boards into color families by city.

Ann considered herself both facilitator or anthropologist for the events, recording and organizing thoughts and comments.

That's what the next few posts are about: sharing insights from these sessions! Next, then, are the findings from the individual workshops, starting with Los Angeles...

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