Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wear-Dated On Facebook With Floor & Carpet Tips

Did you know that you can find Wear-Dated on Facebook? And, in no less than two different places.

You'll find a group for the Friends of Wear-Dated and then there's the more serious Wear-Dated page where you can choose to become a Fan.  That's also where I post A Foot's Perspective videos...

I created both last summer after we launched the redesigned Wear-Dated website, drawing inspiration from Wiggly Wigglers in the UK who share marvelous tidbits of advice, humor and information in their regular communications. I decided to do something similar - although no one can come close to Heather Gorringe's deliciously delectable practical advice about wiggling worms and organic compost...

I decided instead to share care tips. With Elizabeth's help, we started posting carpet care tips. And, then, Shannon graciously offered to share non-carpet floor care tips, which we've interspersed in between carpet advice.

Here are the floor and carpet care tips we've shared to date:

Don’t forget to vacuum! Not only does vacuuming regularly maintain the appearance and condition of your carpet, but it also upholds your end of the warranty you have with your carpet manufacturer. Especially if you pinky swore. 

We know you don’t cook, but regardless, always keep cornstarch or cornmeal on hand to soak up greasy stains that may find their way to your carpet. Simply sprinkle it over the stain, wait, then vacuum the spot. Easy as pie. (Things do get a little more difficult, however, when the pie gets all over your carpet.) 

If a liquid spills on your carpet, soak as much of it up as possible with clean, white cloth, then remove what’s left of the stain using a mild solution of liquid detergent and water. Use a detergent that doesn’t contain lanolin or bleach. 

If you have hardwood flooring, you can and should vacuum every day to remove any harmful particles and maintain the floor’s appearance.

When removing carpet stains, always blot, never scrub. 

The best way to prevent dirt from overtaking your carpet is to stop it from even entering your home. Place rugs at your doors to capture the extra dirt that tries to sneak in and consider taking off your shoes before stepping into the house. Your carpet (and your feet) will thank you. 

So you’re having a romantic evening for two when you suddenly realize that the candle has dripped all over your carpet. To remove the candle wax, spread brown paper or terry cloth over the area and iron it on ‘warm.’ The wax will be absorbed onto the paper or cloth. Voila! 

Regardless of the flooring you have in your home, use walk-off mats at all exterior entrances to prevent outside dirt, sand and grit from entering and harming your floors. 

To remove chewing gum from carpet, freeze the area with an ice cube, then shatter the gum with a knife handle. Vacuum, and continue on your merry way. 

If you consider them helpful, please do feel free to share them with others. And, if you're on Facebook, consider becoming a Friend of Wear-Dated.  There are more tips coming and I'd love to see you.

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