Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wear-Dated Natural Nylon Makes for Stylish Carpet

Wear-Dated Natural Nylon carpet fiber makes for really stylish carpet. Since I'm biased, you shouldn't just take my word. Check it out for yourself.

What is it you ask? It's our latest Nylon 6,6 carpet fiber brand extension [the last one was DuraSoft], and we're excited about it.

We introduced Wear-Dated Natural Nylon at Surfaces 2007. This past Surfaces 2008, we showcased a fun range of new carpet styles [see Marianne Cone Discusses Surfaces, By The Foot and Wear-Dated Natural Nylon], many of which you can find in carpet stores now.

I have heard people mumble "Natural Nylon - that sounds like an oxymoron." That's okay because it gives me the opportunity to explain why this product is so exciting, so technologically advanced and so worthy of the name Wear-Dated Natural Nylon.

[BTW, we are not talking about this Natural Nylon.]

Wear-Dated Natural Nylon refers to Nylon 6,6 carpet fiber that is combined with our proprietary insert technology. The resulting fiber generates a carpet with the look and feel of wool, yet with the durability of Nylon 6,6 - the best nylon available for carpet.

The name came out of consumer focus groups. Consumers [primarily women] told us that "Natural Nylon" best captured the look, feel and elegance of the carpet samples they touched, felt and interacted with [see photo above]. So, we went with it. It tells a story.

Wear-Dated has a reputation for durability. So, when we realized during the product development process that Wear-Dated Natural Nylon improves on the superior performance characteristics of nylon 6,6 -- with a natural look and feel -- to deliver an even better carpet, we were really excited!

Here's how it works. The proprietary insert technology process literally inserts a low-melt nylon fiber in between the yarn plies. During manufacturing when heat comes into play, the low-melt nylon melts, binding the yarn together. The result: tufts that cannot be untwisted. This creates a carpet end product that has better resistance to matting [i.e., great performance], and better tip definition [i.e., that means you can create some unusually fashionable carpet styles].

It also means that staple yarn [i.e., the yarn normally associated with traditional textured carpet styles] can now go into carpet constructions that up-to-now were only possible with BCF yarn [i.e., the yarn that creates loop and pattern carpet styles]. So the variety of pattern and styling possibilities become endless! And the look and feel is more wool-like than ever.

Which makes us very happy because we can offer consumers [thanks to carpet mills like Karastan, Mohawk and Gulistan] a gorgeous range of carpet patterns and colors that deliver beauty, comfort and durability -- with the natural beauty of wool and the incomparable performance of Wear-Dated nylon carpet fiber.

I've attached a slideshow to visually explain what makes Wear-Dated Natural Nylon different.

[NOTE: This slideshow IS available. If the screen says it isn't, then click on the 'view' link to the right of the slideshare logo. Thanks. Added 6/5/08.]

In the slideshow, pay particular attention to Slide 2 which shows you micron photography of Wear-Dated Natural Nylon:

+ Starting at the top left corner you see a bundle of Wear-Dated Natural Nylon carpet fiber.
+ Move to the top right, and you'll notice a larger view of that bundle with closeup of the tips of the fibers.
+ The bottom left photo goes closer yet to show you the insert fiber.
+ Finally, the bottom right photo goes even closer to show you the insert fiber bound together with the individual Nylon 6,6 fibers in a "between-ply fusion."

Pretty cool, don't you think?

The Latest in Carpet Style Trends shows you specific examples of carpets made with Wear-Dated Natural Nylon carpet fiber. As others become available, I'll be sure to let you know, too!

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