Friday, May 2, 2008

Carpet Style Provides World Palette of Choices

So. You're looking for just the right carpet style.

Something classic. Something that's more about coordinating color and creating total comfort underfoot than it is about a trendy visual statement.

Not that this won't create a luscious statement, but the statement is somewhat understated and subtle, one where A Shag or Cable Carpet or even a Frieze Carpet just won't do.

You want something classic. To me, that calls for a textured carpet style with color options galore!

Here is one with 80 color options to choose from....

World Palette and it's available at every Carpet One Floor & Home in the US and Canada.

My photos of World Palette's color palette aren't the best, but I do hope you can see the range of color options available. And so many beyond beige! Imagine, 80 colors to choose from!

And it has colors!

Color that can add character, personality and life to any room! Color that lets you express yourself, allows you to coordinate with unique heirlooms, upholstery patterns or simply other colors [in my case, a Bermuda ocean green wall color.]

The carpet itself, a classic texture construction, has substance. It has presence.

Here's how to find this carpet.

Visit any Carpet One Floor & Home.

Go to the Classic section of the Select-a-Floor system, and find World Palette. You'll see a large piece in beige [as pictured in photo below.]

You'll also see additional cards with all 80 wonderful colors...

In some stores, you may find World Palette displayed in a Good Housekeeping stand alone display - in addition to to the sample card in the Classic section [see below]. There, you can really get up close and personal with the different colors which range from traditional to contemporary...

The product carries Carpet One Floor & Home's Platinum Series warranty [yes, it is made with Wear-Dated® carpet fiber] and delivers definite beauty, comfort and durability.

In the photo below, I tried to get as close up as possible so you can see for yourself how lusciously dense and thick this textured carpet is. I have something very similar [I purchased it over 4 years ago, otherwise I would have selected World Palette.]

It's in my daughter's room. A deep purpled ocean blue. It has been the perfect backdrop to her activities. It's delicious to stand on; even more comfortable to sit, lie down and occasionally sleep on! [I hope to let it star in an upcoming episode of A Foot's Perspective.]

Will you consider Wear-Dated World Palette? Look for it in the Select-A-Floor Classic Pod of Carpet One Floor & Home.

And, let me know what you think!

Thank you.

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