Monday, December 15, 2008

Annette's Carpet Corner: The Wear-Dated Shag Carpet Maintenance Sheet

Today's episode of Annette's Carpet Corner is about Shag Carpet Maintenance. You see, Annette Smith has seen too many shag carpet horrors coming into the ear-Dated warranty service center. She is now on a mission.

Her mission has to do with educating the world about how to maintain Shag Carpet...

Here's the aggravating part.

Consumers purchase shag carpet and very few retailers take the time to explain to them how to care for their shag carpet.

And, then, guess what happens? After a few vacuumings, the carpet starts to lose its unique character. The carpet yarns start to "feather out" and lose their twist. They start to fuzz and pill and generally look nasty. Not the fashion statement you purchased originally.

That's why she's on a mission. To let you know that this kind of shag deterioration is avoidable, given the right shag carpet maintenance information.

We touched on the subject in a previous post titled What About Shag and Cable Carpets? Since then, though, we've gone a step further and created a separate document on the subject.

It's called the Wear-Dated Shag Carpet Maintenance Sheet and it offers general care tips as well as Shag Carpet specific vacuuming tips. [Note added 1/17/10: I'll be republishing the contents of the Shag Carpet Maintenance sheet as a separate post. I'm also looking to get a photo of a pilator to show you!]

Major tip for Shag Carpets: vacuum only with a suction vacuum.

If your vacuum has a beater bar, disengage it. Immediately!

For particularly thick Shag Carpets, consider a grooming rake or pilator...

Download a copy of the Wear-Dated Shag Carpet Maintenance Sheet, and, please, if you know anyone with a Shag Carpet, let them know how important it is to know how to care properly for their carpet.

Thank you.

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