Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Blog Birthday! 5 Top Reasons For Carpetology Visits

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The Carpetology Blog turns one today.  I'm excited beyond belief.  I'm also tremendously grateful to you for making this milestone possible. 

To celebrate the event, I'm highlighting those posts that have generated the most visits in the past year. However, rather than just offer you a list of the top 20 posts, I've organized them into five categories which capture the essence of The Carpetology Blog.

The primary reason for visiting is for information about carpet style trends.  Not only to learn more about The Latest in Carpet Style Trends [which tops the list in a big way], but also about What is a Frieze Carpet?, What About Shag and Cable Carpet?, The Elegance of Dupioni Silk and Consider a Tailored Frieze Carpet Style.

The next reason is design focused with a practical twist.  Topping the list is Design Focus: Carpeted Stairs, then Tom Filicia's Design Inspiration Tips, and Fashion Trends: Color & Emotion from Mohawk

Finally, there are the "How To Guides for carpet."  More specifically, A Guide To Carpet Installation, Carpetology Guide to Buying Carpet Step 2: Options & Decisions and Step 3, as well as the category Carpet Buying Guide and Why Save Carpet Scraps From Your Installation.

Those are the 5 top reasons for visiting The Carpetology Blog.

Today, I also want to thank Elizabeth Hise, from Hughes, for her enthusiastic support of all things carpet-related this first year of The Carpetology Blog. She has been the perfect co-conspirator!   I also wish her the very best as she begins a new adventure. Elizabeth has just taken on a new position at the Fontbonne University in St. Louis in their communications and marketing department. She'll be doing a lot of writing for their newsletters and publications and anticipates taking part in social media programs (student written blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.). 

I'm excited for her, and will miss her tremendously although I've told her that she remains a Woman of Wear-Dated for life, and is always welcome to post here.

Thank you for being part of The Carpetology Blog's first year. We look forward to bringing you even more in our second year.

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Anonymous said...

Many, many congrats on the first year of the Carpetology Blog! Our feet have surely felt the difference with your strong presence in the blogosphere. :)

CB Whittemore said...

Thank you, Becky! I love that your feet have felt the difference. Happy 2009 and Happy Blog Bday to you, too.

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