Friday, December 5, 2008

Create A Color Palette To Coordinate Walls, Carpet, Furniture & More

How do you select colors for a room design? How do you coordinate wall, carpet, furniture colors and more? Do you have a system for creating a color palette, or are you paralyzed with indecision?

In either case, you might want to read Designer's Walk, by Sonna Calandrino, Fabulous Floors Magazine's Editor-in-Chief. It's the ultimate guide to creating a color palette and appears in the Fall 2008 issue.

It's a beautiful article filled with terrific visuals based on the Wear-Dated Field Guide to Color - Color Folio 2008 that Ann Hurley was instrumental in creating. Using John J. Audubon images of birds, Sonna shows how Ann created four-color palettes from each print. Each set of colors can be used as is or in combinations of gradations [values] of each color.

[This link will take you to the blogpost that summarizes all of the elements of the Field Guide to Color.]

The lesson from the article is that a favorite work of art can become the basis for a color design palette. Simply pick your favorite 4 or 5 colors from that piece, decide which you find most livable - that becomes your primary color; the rest are accents - and build a room design around them. The result coordinates effectively and reflects something that truly appeals to you.

We are so honored that Sonna chose to base Designer's Walk on our Field Guide to Color, and believe you will find it both helpful and inspiring. Look for the 2008 Fall issue of Fabulous Floors Magazine.

Or, simply download a copy of the article, Designer's Walk, by clicking this link.

And, then, go forth and coordinate your walls, carpet, furniture and more based on the color palette you created from your favorite source of inspiration!

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