Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Foot's Perspective #21 - Wow Dallas Carpet!

This episode of A Foot's Perspective is about another Wow! carpet style that I came across at the Comfort Inn by the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. I was more than pleasantly surprised!

This photo captures the wall facing you as you enter through the hotel's front doors: whimsical, eye-catching and very comfortable. My first thought was that I wouldn't mind sitting and spending time in this lobby.

What made the space so engaging, welcoming and warm was... you guessed it: the carpet!

It's a bold, circular abstract pattern that combines a loop construction with a texture [i.e., "cut/loop or cut & loop] in two different shades: a warm buttery ochre-yellow with a cool grey.

The same pattern is repeated in the breakfast area in another color combination: the same grey with a darker grey. I love how the pattern was matched so perfectly at the seams, too!

In the breakfast area, the darker carpet creates a different look and feel. Still sophisticated, but more private, more conducive to breakfast and lots of people sitting at small tables and conversing.

Also more practical.

Note the pattern of the upholstered seating: the plaid pattern and colors do a lovely job of reflecting the breakfast area look and feel while also relating to the warm lobby tones.

I commented on the smart look of the lobby to the hotel manager, assuming that it had just been upgraded and remodeled. Guess what he said? They upgraded in 2005, and put a lot of effort in maintaining the space.

See for yourselves in this episode of A Foot's Perspective.

[Subscribers, please click on this YouTube link to view the video.]

[The background noise comes from the TV News playing in the breakfast room.]

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Thank you for watching and reading!

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Anonymous said...

That's "Circle Back" from Atlas Carpets. They have some amazing patterns.

CB Whittemore said...

Woody, thanks for identifying the carpet. It is magnificent!

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