Monday, January 5, 2009

Greer's Carpet Fashion Underfoot: Touch of Heaven Carpet Style

C.B.: I'm very pleased to introduce a new Carpetology Blog series called Greer’s Carpet Fashion Underfoot brought to you by Woman of Wear-Dated Greer Leisz, our Regional Manager for the Central Region. The idea came out of a discussion Greer and I had about carpet styles and fashion trends and that carpet wasn't sufficiently showcased or appreciated as a fashion statement - when it should! Greer tells you why...

Welcome to the first post in my blog series, Greer's Carpet Fashion Underfoot! I will be writing about two things that I am passionate about. The first is Carpet Fiber which may be obvious to people who know me since I work for Wear-Dated, the premium carpet fiber used to make beautiful carpet. The second is shoes!

What many people who know me may not know is that many years ago I managed a high end fashion shoe store. It was during this time that I began my collection of shoes. I call it a collection because I see shoes as works of art. At one time my collection included about 150 pairs! I have “paired” this down quite a bit but still probably own more shoes than the average person and more than I should. I would probably need a 12 step program to change this quirk in my personality. I’m passionate about shoes—you get the point.

What do carpet and shoes have in common? They are both underfoot and both are all about style! I thought it would be fun to pair up different carpet products and shoes based on their style and function and through this impart a little knowledge about the wonderful Wear-Dated carpet fiber products that are available in the marketplace.

Like I said before, I am passionate about carpet! So much so that, every year around this time at the markets, when new products are introduced is like Christmas for me. Discovering the new introductions is like unwrapping gifts. Seeing the beautiful carpet styles & rich color palettes, and feeling the textures and softness is pure heaven.

This year one of our new products with Mohawk is called Touch of Heaven.

Touch of Heaven is a 52 ounce, Soft Touch texture. It’s a blanket special product which means it is displayed on an oversized deck board. It comes in 20 beautiful colors.

So what type of shoe would Touch of Heaven be if it were a shoe?

That’s easy…it would be an UGG boot. UGG boots are all the rage right now. My teenage daughter and all of her friends had a pair under their Christmas tree this year. Pick up any entertainment magazine and you’re bound to see a picture of a celebrity running errands or stepping out for a Starbucks wearing a pair of UGG boots. It doesn’t matter if they are in sunny California because the fashion is to wear them with everything, even shorts. UGG boots are all about comfort and softness without sacrificing style. They are made of sheepskin leather on the outside and lined on the inside with a thick cushion of fleece. They are cozy and comfortable. Wearing an UGG boot is like having a warm cup of cocoa by the fire on a cold winter’s night.

Touch of Heaven is soft and comfortable like an UGG boot. Stepping out of bed in the morning onto a floor carpeted in Touch of Heaven would feel like sliding your foot into an UGG boot. The grade-A sheepskin that UGG boots are made from is similar to the Wear-Dated carpet fiber used to make Touch of Heaven in that it is extremely dense and soft, which provides for a more comfortable and durable material.

Treat your feet to an UGG boot experience everyday in your home. Your feet work hard. You should pamper them with the luxurious softness of Touch of Heaven by Mohawk made with Wear-Dated fiber.

Thanks for reading my first blogpost. Until next time - look for beauty and carpet fashion underfoot!

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elizabeth said...

wow Greer you are so good at what you do! You make me want to go out and buy a BUNCH of carpet. ;)

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