Monday, January 12, 2009

Annette's Carpet Corner: Claim & Warranty Reference Information

This episode of Annette's Carpet Corner brings you carpet claim & warranty reference information. When Annette speaks with consumers who call into the Wear-Dated warranty service center, she finds that many call out of sheer desperation. They've been given the runaround and don't know where to turn to for help with their carpet claim. Here's help!

If you have a carpet claim or complaint, Annette suggests the following.

Contact your retailer first. Let your retailer help you determine what kind of carpet concern you have and how best to address it. In many cases, your retailer will want to examine your carpet him or herself to better determine next steps.

If your retailer decides that your carpet concern falls under a manufacturer's warranty, then the retailer will initiate the claims process for you you with the carpet mill [i.e., manufacturer]. S/he will provide the mill with your order number or mill invoice number to file a claim on your behalf. Based on what the retailer describes, the mill will then decide what the next course of action will be [e.g., additional inspection, whether to return the carpet to the mill etc...].

If your carpet has a carpet fiber warranty [e.g., from StainMaster, Anso or Wear-Dated] for that specific concern, you will be asked to contact the fiber company directly [although your retailer can initiate a claim on your behalf there, too]. Here are those phone numbers:

+ Anso 1-800-441-8185
+ Invista's StainMaster 1-800-438-7668
+ Wear-Dated 1-800-367-9598

NOTE: if your carpet carries the Wear-Dated warranty, call 3M Scotchgard 1-800-633-3208 for stain/soil concerns or also for advice on how to remove a stain. The 3M service center will transfer you directly to the Wear-Dated service center if you need to file a claim on carpet other than Mohawk carpet or if your carpet was installed prior to 01/09/06.

Annette urges you to definitely attempt to resolve any manufacturer claims or concerns that you have with the involvement of your retailer first before attempting to call directly yourself. Doing so will make life easier for you as the retailer has information that the carpet mill will need readily available [and the retailer is the carpet mill's customer].

There may, though, be instances when you have no other option than to call the carpet manufacturer yourself. For example, if your retailer has gone out of business or if s/he just hasn't provided you with any assistance in getting your concerns addressed. In that case, here are the numbers to call for the major carpet mills:

Fabrica 1-800-854-0357
Gulistan 1-800-869-2727
Karastan 1-800-234-1120
Mohawk Consumer Call Center 1-800-266-4295
Royalty Carpet Mills 1-800-854-8331
Shaw/Tuftex 1-800-441-7429

Annette's final words of advice are to download a copy of The Wear-Dated Carpet Buying Sheet [here's a link to the blogpost about The Wear-Dated Carpet Buying Sheet]. It's important that you know which warranties you have and what they cover before you purchase your carpet. It's also important to understand how best to care for your carpet as that will affect your warranty.

If we've missed something, please do let us know and we'll be sure to address it.

Thanks for reading.

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Don Hagan said...

We have Shaw carpet that after two years began to have random spots where color began to disappear. Nothing was ever spilled on the carpet, no cleaner was ever used on it. We contacted Shaw and they sent someone out to test the spots. After some time we received a letter from Shaw stating that the tests showed that the color had faded from the surface so they would take no responsibility. I responded to them that some of the spots were under furniture that had never been moved and all were random throughout the home. They, in essence, said "sorry Charlie". I'm dissatified with the carpet and the company warranty. The carpet is now nine years old and spots continue to appear randomly. Buyer of Shaw carpets BEWARE!

CB Whittemore said...

Don, thanks for your comment.

I'm not sure how to respond as I'm not expert enough about carpet construction to be able to explain the issue you've encountered. Annette Smith has described to me some unusual situations that had nothing to do with construction and more to do with environmental parameters... [probably better described as gremlins in the carpet].

Nonetheless, I regret that you've had such an unhappy experience. I hope your next one will be much better.

Diane said...

I have had a similar experience with my Shaw carpet.
Spots appearing, no spills, poor wear pattern. Submitted a claim to Wear Dated - they rejected saying it was over the five year warranty period. Except I provided them with a copy of the warranty on my carpet, which is 10 years. Was completely ignored.

DO NOT BUY SHAW OR WEAR DATED CARPET - Bogus warranty - lousy product and expensive, too!

CB Whittemore said...

Diane, although I no longer have any association with Wear-Dated [Mohawk now owns Wear-Dated], I hate hearing about such an unhappy situation.

Making matters more confusing about Wear-Dated is that there was the original 5 year warranty and a 10 year warranty on Mohawk manufactured carpet. Perhaps that is the issue you encountered with your warranty: if it was a Shaw carpet, it was only covered under the 5 year warranty?

I recently read that Shaw had overhauled its warranty offerings to better deal with consumer confusion and frustrations...

I do wish all of this weren't so murky to begin with - which is why we put together this post and the Carpet Buying Sheet with questions to ask before you buy.

All the best,

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