Friday, January 18, 2008

Create Your Own Red Carpet Experience!

Red Carpet originally uploaded by Matt Gilluley.

Elizabeth's post about Red Carpet Treatment caught my imagination. Especially with so much bah-humbug going on as a result of the WGA strike.

So let me share with you ideas on how to create your own Red Carpet Experience.

First off, Hannah Mello from shares Golden Globes Withdrawal? Fight It Off With Our Red-Carpet Fashion Quiz. That's right. You can easily test your red carpet IQ! The questions are great fun, and the photos say it all. Both let you relive "some of the most glorious (and notorious) Oscar fashion moments."

Next, it's time to subject your nails - both finger and toe - to Live From The Red Carpet - It's Essie! Essie embodies red carpet in a bottle, all for your nails. It's available until the end of February at salons and other beauty outlets [e.g., ULTA].

If you are so inclined, you can imagine yourself living a red carpet moment by visiting where the various red carpet events take place. Close your eyes to get the full effect. Otherwise, you might be taken aback by A ‘surreal’ Golden Globes night by Ruben V. Nepales from the 01/15/2008 Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Then, the clothes. My greatest pleasure from red carpet events comes from the clothes, the amazing creations that designers pluck from their brains and turn into reality. Both from up-and-coming designers - as described in Writers' strike is cutting fashion industry's red-carpet exposure from 01/14/08 by LaMont Jones of the Pittsburgh Pot-Gazette [check out Halle Barre's amazing concoction] and established ones.

In fact, it's amazing to realize how many red carpet events there are out there. Per The New York Times' On Fashion Are Awards Really Awards Without a Red Carpet? by Cathy Horyn from 01/14/08, "more prestigious houses are choosing to dress fewer stars. "It's all about exclusivity now." So much for showing off creativity and newness and letting all with talent bask in the red carpet glow!

Last critical element and the most important part of your experience: the red carpet itself! My personal red carpet favorite is Target Red carpet available exclusively from Mannington Mills. Definitely eye-catching!

There are certainly other aspects to creating your own red carpet experience and maybe this Advertising Age article titled Writers strike takes a $300 million hostage [reg. requ'd] will spark some other critical ideas [clothes' PR, limos, parties, advertising.... you name it!]

So, there you have it. Your very own red carpet experience. Don't forget to send me pictures!

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