Friday, January 25, 2008

Magic Flying Carpets

Do you remember tales of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves? Or other stories with Magic Carpets from the Arabian Nights? Those tales enthralled me. They were filled with visions of mystery and adventure, magic and ... flying carpets.

For me, flying carpets bundled practicality and luxury, creating a strong vehicle for personal independence. I'm not sure that I so specifically acknowledged all of that as a child, but should a flying carpet become available, I wanted one!

As an adult, I encountered magic carpet rides while following the adventures of Glen Cook's Black Company and specifically in Shadows Linger. Definitely useful, although best to keep to your own personal flying carpet! More dependable, you know.

Recently, I caught sight of an article about magic carpet rides. Naturally, my heart jumped. Perhaps I had in my hands the means to a new business venture? The title though, said it all: Magic carpet rides to remain magical.
Did you know that manta rays, sting rays and skates are considered flying carpets - from a physicist's perspective. In the article, Chris Lee, the author, makes a case for magic carpet possibilities down the road - underwater as a propulsion method, or possibly for surveillance cameras. Interesting, no?

What if more were possible?

Magic Carpet Rides can bring magic adventures to others especially others who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Similarly, they can lead to Travel for the adventurous or be the basis for education as experienced through the story of Ali and the Magic Carpet from the British Council. Or, consider taking A magic carpet ride through Islamic culture as described in the Providence Journal.

Or, perhaps it's best to take a cue from Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride. Simply close your eyes and fantasy will set you free.... on that magic flying carpet!

[Done best with bare toes sunk into a luxuriously thick carpet made with Wear-Dated carpet fiber...]

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