Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meet Marianne Cone, Director of Passion!

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I’m Marianne Cone. I'm officially the Director of Marketing for Solutia's Wear-Dated and Ultron carpet fiber brands. Wear-Dated is the fiber used by mills such as Mohawk, Tuftex, Gulistan, and Karastan, to make the most beautiful and durable residential carpet you'll see in the market. The Ultron carpet fiber brand is renowned in the commercial market for its rich, saturated color and superior floor performance.

What I’d really like to be called is the director of passion because that’s what I am, and that’s what I do: create passion for the brands! Why a passion for carpet, you might ask. Well, why a passion for shoes? Shoes are just something to protect your feet from the harsh realities of snow, pavement and crowded subways, right? Same goes for carpet! More than just a soft surface it represents functional beauty. A purposefully designed interior finish. But as function is as important a role for carpet as beauty is, it's important to get the message out that not all fiber -- and therefore not all carpet -- is created equal and that is where the fun begins for a marketer!

I’m passionate about more than just Ultron and Wear-Dated carpet fiber – as an Army mom I’m passionate about honoring and serving men and women in uniform, and I have great passion for my long time roommate Aly, a goofy Golden Retriever!

I have been fortunate enough to spend my entire career, both in the U.S. and abroad, in the company of truly gifted people who create magnificent buildings and inspiring interior spaces from a vision in their mind's eye. I am in constant awe of the way in which they shape the spaces in which we live, work and play with technical expertise, creative flair, and with a singular passion for their vision. Architects and designers are the unsung heroes who have challenged us as makers of goods, not only to create products that translate their vision into reality, but to do so in a socially responsible way.

The lessons of that experience with contract architects and designers have been especially helpful in creating communication for consumers. In both segments as a marketer I must accomplish two things. First I must understand my target audience. And then I must create a message that is relevant to my that resonates with the issues my audience considers important.

We look forward to sharing our blog with you, and to continuing our lifelong learning as we read your comments!

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