Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Foot's Perspective - Episode 16: The Wear-Dated Office

Today's episode of A Foot's Perspective comes from the Wear-Dated and Ultron office in Kennesaw, GA.

What's most wonderful about visiting our office it that it's all about carpet and carpet style ideas... The ideas range from carpet concept samples and new carpet introductions, to carpet on the floors, carpet on the walls, and the building blocks of carpet as art.

As you enter through our main doors [these are glass so you can view what lies beyond], you come face-to-face with this dramatic display pictured to the right. It's a celebration of color and yarn, surrounded by residential and commercial carpet samples [see photos below].

[By the way, Ann Hurley regularly updates this entry display to reflect the latest in color trends and product concept ideas.]

As I mentioned, this display immediately faces the front entry double doors. To the right side, you find the Ultron commercial carpet style wall and to the left, the Wear-Dated residential carpet style wall.

On the floors, we showcase a wide variety of wonderful carpet styles and patterns.

[The Wear-Dated side]
Even on the walls we feature carpet!

You'll notice artwork created completely with carpet as well as framed pieces celebrating the winning concepts submitted to our yearly Doc Award Competition.

Have you heard about it? The 2008 Doc Award Competition is underway right now. We've named the judges and now we're eagerly awaiting to hear about the results.

The story behind the Doc Award Competition is a fascinating one that I thought I would share with you here...

The Doc Award Competition is named after Robert F. Docherty, also known as “Doc.” He spent most of his 30-year career at Solutia focusing on the contract interior design market. He was a true pioneer in that he was among the first to recognize the importance of interior designers and went about establishing relationships with professional associations such as ASID and IIDA. This was unheard of at the time.

[The Ultron side]
He also pioneered the use of carpet in education and healthcare, and funded research that resulted in the first use of carpet in patient care areas.

Imagine doing all of this starting back in the 1960s.

The Doc Award Competition was established in 1988 to "recognize outstanding achievement in contract design." It takes place on an annual basis with selection made by an independent jury of recognized architecture and design professionals and "honors superior achievement in contract projects that orchestrate color, space, form, function and materials with consummate finesse. In addition to honoring project design, the competition also honors carpet mills for outstanding achievement in product design. Carpet products are judged based on originality of design, overall aesthetic, pricing and usability in the contract environment."

I'm in awe every year when the results are announced.

In the meantime, please join me for this episode of A Foot's Perspective and a walk through the Wear-Dated office in Kennesaw, GA to experience how we celebrate carpet.

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Thank you for watching [and reading!].

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