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Understanding Carpet: Benefits

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I'm partial to carpet. Not just because I'm associated with Wear-Dated. It just feels better. Although carpet captures terrific benefits [as you can read below], it's a matter of how all of those benefits translate into a product that feels good physically and psychologically. Not only does it contribute visual interest and texture to my space, but it helps me express my sense of style because of the variety of constructions and styles available. In short, it makes for a perfect backdrop for life.

Not unreasonable, right? Do you feel the same way?

I've lived in totally un-carpeted spaces and yearned desperately for softness underfoot - even in tropical locations! As much as I was grateful for cold, cooling concrete floors, that rug or carpet made such a difference when I went to bed or got up in the morning, or just spent time in my room. In cold locations, even a wood floor felt unwelcoming. If area rugs were strewn about, I would hop from one to the other in an attempt to keep hard and harsh reality at bay and my toes warm. In both extreme locations, my floor was part of my design scheme and, if it didn't coordinate with the rest of my room, I was unable to relax and get comfortable.

Carpet made a difference during college. I fondly remember the multi-toned grass green shag carpet I purchased from a departing senior for my dorm room [for $20]. I paired that up with bright and colorful tulip-patterned fabric for curtains, an unzipped forest green nylon sleeping bag as bedspread and a riot of pillows on the bed. Oh, the look of it!

And the practicality of it, too! It truly expanded the usefulness of my room, making it welcoming and comfortable.

On the Wear-Dated website, we discuss carpet benefits in How Carpet Is Constructed. "Visual and physical warmth" may be the most obvious. But, what about how much more comfortable a carpet makes the floor? A carpet means that you can actually sit on the floor without needing chiropractic intervention when you get up.

Think about it. Especially with the holidays around the corner. Haven't you spent time on the carpet assembling large puzzles? or playing with a train set? what about racing cars? I bet you're looking forward to putting some toys together there, too! I used to do a great bit of sewing. I pinned my patterns and cut out the pieces from the floor. It was the best work surface I could hope for.

My daughter spends all of her time [not counting sleep, meals or homework - well, some sleep] playing on the floor of her room [see A Foot's Perspective - Episode 6, for example]. Yes, it's carpeted and forms a lovely backdrop for her activities.

The house in which she learned to walk did not have as much carpet as our current one does. Her first steps took place in the carpeted area which is where she crawled and played. Unfortunately, the stairs there weren't carpeted and the tumble she took down those steps was scarily impressive. Yes, our stairs are now carpeted.

Have you considered how carpet improves the acoustics in a room, eliminating echoes and reducing noise? It's much easier to hear and be heard in a carpeted room. I often wish that churches had more carpet underfoot so that I could actually understand the words being uttered. Instead, I must rely on bad sound systems that magnify the echoes off of all of the hard marble surfaces...

I agree that there's a place for carpet and a place for other type surfaces. However, in my home, carpet offers more comfort and beauty than do the others surfaces. Furthermore, as I've cranked the heat down for the winter, I'm even more grateful than usual for the additional warmth, insulation and visual benefits that carpet has to offer.

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