Friday, September 26, 2008

Color Folio 2008: A Field Guide to Color Around The World Recap

Our 2008 Color Forecast, Color Folio 2008 - A Field Guide to Color - includes two parts. One is the Color Around The World series, offering a taste of the culture of color, which we've just completed. The other is inspired by John J. Audubon's work.

I thought it would be helpful to recap all of the elements of Color Folio 2008 here, for easy reference.

Color Around The World reviewed six colors here on The Carpetology Blog:

+ Red Around The World,
+ Green Around The World,
+ White Around The World,
+ Blue Around The World,
+ Yellow Around The World
+ Black Around The World

After all, one color may have multiple associations depending on its use in a particular country and culture. As an example, white is a symbol of purity and innocence in the U.S., and of mourning in some African countries. Each color family is examined for cultural associations enriching the specifier’s understanding of color application in today’s diverse business environment.

In Color Folio 2008 - A Field Guide To Color [in Flooring The Consumer], we include information relating to the Audubon-inspired part of the forecast, as well as some color trends.

You see, John J. Audubon's paintings inspired us. Especially when we discovered how relevant the beautiful color combinations of Audubon’s birds were for our forecast, and for the way in which we apply color to interior spaces today.

Did you know that Audubon produced more than 450 plates of beautiful birds? For many at the time, Audubon’s paintings were the first glimpse of the wild. One French art critic recalled his works and said they brought to Europe a fresh poetic vision of America in all its wild abundance! Nature offers a spectacular vision of color with countless nuances and shades of every hue. This Audubon inspired vision of nature with its intriguing color combinations is relevant today and it inspired our 2008 palette which is a bit more conservative and slightly more complex than in previous years.

You can view a video clip that shows Audubon's birds in conjunction with color trends from the Wear-Dated website.

Read how you can apply some of these trends in Color and The Retail Experience.

And, be on the lookout at the end of October 2008 for Fabulous Floors' Fabulous Find: Color...

If you'd like to learn more about John J. Audubon, here is a 2008 Color Folio Resource List we developed.

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