Monday, August 11, 2008

Before You Buy Carpet, Download This Show Me Sheet

Please, before you buy carpet, do download the Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber Show Me Sheet!

Consumers, designers and retailers have told us that it's one of the most valuable documents they've encountered for organizing carpet buying thoughts.

Although we refer and link to it from several different locations on the Wear-Dated website, I'd like to show it to you in detail here on The Carpetology Blog. [If you remember, Elizabeth used the Show Me Sheet to 'focus her thoughts' in The Carpetology Guide to Buying Carpet - Step 3.]

What I like most about the Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber Show Me Sheet is its simplicity and thoroughness. Its purpose is to organize your thoughts around what to look for in carpet and carpet styles to best suit your lifestyle and design preferences - before you walk into a store. So that when you do enter a store, you have better control over the conversation with your salesperson and the choices available.

From the simplicity perspective, it consists of a checklist where you can select:
+ which rooms you plan to carpet
+ how you live
+ who makes up your family [i.e., pets and/or people]
+ what you plan to do on the carpet
+ which mood you hope to achieve
+ what your existing decor consists of

You can then detail which colors you already have in your room [it encourages you to bring swatches or paint chips with you to the store] and which carpet colors to consider. You can also add any relevant notes.

By the way, if you're starting fresh, you might bring in a pattern or piece of artwork to use as the basis for a color palette to work from [see Color and The Retail Experience].

On the Wear-Dated website, you can find Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber Show Me Sheet in the Newsroom document library; in Plan & Design in the Carpet Style & Lifestyle section and in the results page when you Find a Retailer to Buy Carpet from.

I hope you download the Show Me Sheet before you buy carpet. And, do let me know how it works for you.

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