Monday, August 4, 2008

Inspiration From NeoCon

NeoCon's World Trade Fair brings together exhibitors [in 1,200 showrooms and exhibits], designers, manufacturers, buyers and specifiers from around the world. It features every product for every commercial interior type, including floor covering -- the second largest category [much of this from's NeoCon 1 episode].

No surprise, then, that it should capture so much inspiration, not just for the floor as you saw in A Foot's Perspective - Episode 9, but for all aspects of an interior.

As Ann Hurley explains, "this year at NeoCon the new trend story was all about creating 'contrasts'-- through texture, color variation or -the newest- luster!" She illustrated the contrast story in A Foot's Perspective - Episode 9 using examples from the Ultron carpet fiber showroom floor.

+ Texture contrasts can be created through a shadowing effect of tufting high loops and then tip shearing.

+ Color contrasts can be very bold or subtle depending on the coloration. Bold contrasts are often created by planting dark colored yarns such as chocolate or graphite among lighter colored yarns. The use of bold multicolored yarns is often seen to create contrasts. More subtle color contrasts are created through the use of tonal yarns. The use of light to medium or medium to dark colors in the same family produce a high end sophisticated coloration.

+ Luster contrasts come from mixing high luster yarns with duller yarns creating a new upscale visual... Also the variation of twist levels in these more lustrous yarns contrasts very nicely with lower twist of natural lusters.

In addition to the examples on the showroom floor, Ann used the walls. More specifically, the color and texture collage or "assemblage" of new color and texture trends [see photos above] allowed her to visually discuss new trends.

Which she did with Kim Gavin, from Floor Covering Weekly, who captured it all in a video.

[My photos capture Kim and Ann as they were preparing...]

In the video, Ann discusses color.

+ Chocolate browns remain strong.

+ Lots of red - chili pepper and cayenne - still yellow- and now almost brown-influenced.

+ Greys: very metallic, alternating warm and cool tones.

+ Beige in warm/cool combinations.

+ Greens: yellow-influenced

+ Blues: also yellow-influenced, but notice the new navys, combined with yellow-greens.

"Although primarily about texture choices, neutrals are holding very strong with a larger representation of the grey family than in previous seasons, and several new bright colorful products in the red and orange families," she says.

Watch for yourselves. Subscribers, please click on the link for NeoCon #2 [Note: you may need to physically re-click on NeoCon #2 to view the program].

What trends have you noticed? How would you see them used in the spaces your work in? How might you translate them for the spaces you live in?

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