Friday, August 15, 2008

Carpet For Your Tent, Carpet For Your Cubicle

Image courtesy of Vango.
Do you realize how many opportunities exist to surround yourself with marvelous, protective, insulating, luxurious and comfortable carpet? Here are two such examples that I gladly share with you. A story about carpet for camping [i.e., for your tent] and one about carpet in the workplace [i.e., for your cubicle]...

No surprise, but I'm endlessly encouraged when I encounter examples of how carpet adds a certain "je ne sais quoi" to an environment. In a camping environment, carpet adds insulation, protection from the elements, but it also considerably adds to that homey feel that lets you sleep deeply at night. I don't know about you, but I feel a bit more vulnerable when I'm out there in the elements. Sleep can be elusive. Poor sleep means crankiness the next day... Not a good scenario.

So, for the rugged camper looking for a practical solution to an otherwise miserable living/sleeping situation, I urge that you read OUTDOORSmagic Gear news. In particular, read about the Vango carpet in Carpet for your tent.

Nylon [especially Nylon 6,6] makes for the best possible carpet. Vango obviously understands carpet as they explain that "the carpets are made from sumptuous woven Nylon supplemented with a luxurious foam middle layer and a waterproof, non-slip PVC base."

Now, in the workplace, carpet adds cachet, improves productivity [see A Foot's Perspective - Episode 4 for more information about carpet and productivity], creates comfort underfoot and expresses a distinct sense of style. So, why not accentuate and take advantage of all of those benefits?

Image originally uploaded by Jared D. Nielsen.
This wonderful image from Jared D. Nielsen's post titled "Extreme Cubicle Makeover: Red Mahogany Luxury Paneled Cubicle with Dark Cherry Hardwood Floors" makes my case.

[Thank you to Steve Roesler who - inadvertently - shared this image and post.]

Don't you agree that high design such as this in the workplace, particularly in a cubicle, can only elevate, enhance and improve?

I do have one suggestion. A larger rug. For that matter, what about wall-t0-wall carpet for this cubicle? It would add to the richness of the experience, help absorb unwanted noise from neighboring cubicle mates and generally enhance the work environment.

[Hmmm. A thick plush cubicle carpet might also make for an excellent sleeping surface for 24 hour productivity... Think 'cubicle camping.']

Here's to adding that extra special touch to your every activity - from camping to working - with carpet. You won't regret it!

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