Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fabulous Floors & Fabulous Carpet Styles!

Cover Summer 2008 issue courtesy of Fabulous Floors Magazine.

There aren't many consumer magazines that focus fully on flooring. However, there is one - Fabulous Floors - and it truly celebrates floors of all kinds in the most visual and inspiring of ways.

Per the website, Fabulous Floors Magazine is "the first consumer magazine devoted solely to flooring styles as a key element in home d├ęcor."

Sonna Calandrino, the publisher, exudes deep passion for the magazine, flooring and elevating the flooring and carpet experience for consumers. It comes through when you talk with her and as you read the magazine.

I featured Sonna and her sister Lisbeth Calandrino, director of sales & consumer research for Fabulous Floors Magazine, in a post titled "What Consumers Really Think". You see, they both spend a great deal of time in the marketplace, observing what's happening from a consumer perspective. That helps them recognize how and which products add value and beauty to a consumer's home. In my mind, that's what makes the magazine so relevant.

The most recent issue - Summer 2008 - of Fabulous Floors Magazine is no exception. It is filled with gems of all kinds. Design and color gems as well as product gems.

To make my point, I'll highlight some of the fabulous carpet styles featuring Wear-Dated carpet fiber from the issue [the non-Wear-Dated ones are beautiful, too]. They are all part of an article, written by Lisbeth Calandrino, titled "In the mood... for something hopelessly romantic? How does music make you feel?" that discusses carpet style trends.

[It reminds me of the imagery Greg Payne from Tuftex used in Carpet Exudes Sweet Emotion...]

Page 37 includes a room scene insert with Cambridge Shores. This is a thick, dense Karastan texture made with Wear-Dated DuraSoft carpet fiber and available in 40 colors.

Page 38 shows off a room scene insert with National Legacy, a pattern loop from Karastan, also made with Wear-Dated DuraSoft carpet fiber. Look for 20 colors in that carpet style.

Page 40 has two products:

+ Fabrica's Shandur, a loop pattern available in 17 colors. The carpet catalog describes it as follows: "This unique product reflects the terrain and elevation of the Himalayas. The colors vary in intensity, creating uneven variegated streaks throughout."

+ Karastan's Intriga II is a sophisticated Wear-Dated DuraSoft pin-dot carpet fiber pattern in 32 colors.

There's another gem in this issue, but I'll address it in a separate blogpost.

The Summer 2008 issue of Fabulous Floors Magazine is available on newsstands at major booksellers - like Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Books A Million - now.

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