Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Foot's Perspective - Episode 10

Episode 10 of A Foot's Perspective celebrates one of my very favorite carpet styles - Millennium Nouveau by Wunda Weve - in the most glorious color possible: Gerber Daisy.

It just so happens that I had the luxury of having Millennium Nouveau underfoot the week of July 21, 2008 when I spent the entire week in Nashville, TN. The reason? Carpet One Floor & Home and Flooring America/Flooring Canada's summer conventions.

Millennium Nouveau in Gerber Daisy energized me. It also inspired me to record and share this episode of A Foot's Perspective with you...

First, a bit of carpet style information.

Millennium Nouveau is considered a textured loop construction. It's a loop [although not totally a level loop]. It consists entirely of loops, but the unevenness of the loops creates a textured look and feel.

Gerber Daisy may not be the color you decide to surround yourself with, however it is a color with character. Millennium Nouveau comes in a range of 60 colors -- all equally vibrant. For someone who loves color as much as I do, the color line is refreshingly intense.

And, yes, it is made with Wear-Dated carpet fiber.

Possibly the most fun aspect of having spent several days with Millennium Nouveau in Gerber Daisy pink underfoot was being so perfectly coordinated with the Wear-Dated By The Foot marketing campaign [if you haven't already, please read Marianne's post about "Feet Appreciate Beauty"]!

It made for some very fun conversations with convention-goers, and terrific foot photo opportunities [do check out my Carpet One Flickr set].

In the meantime, I proudly share with you Episode 10 of A Foot's Perspective from the Wear-Dated booth at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

[Subscribers, please click on this link to view the video on YouTube.]

For the most recent episode from NeoCon, click A Foot's Perspective - Episode 9. Or you can also scroll through previous blogposts with links to all previous episodes of A Foot's Perspective.

Thank you for watching!

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