Monday, September 22, 2008

Carpet and The Carpetology Blog Are On a Roll!

Apparently, word has gotten out that we know a little something about carpet here at The Carpetology Blog. Recently, Nancy Jones-Bonbrest, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, contacted our very own Christine Whittemore for her expert opinion on today's carpet trends.

Nancy's article, titled "On a Roll," appeared in Saturday's Sun and offered a very positive look at the role carpet can play in the home. You can read the full article here. "Many homeowners are turning to carpet for a variety of reasons," Jones-Bonbrest writes. "Some are using carpet to make a statement of style. Others [...] are finding carpet a good companion to hardwood, stone or tile. And others simply can't resist the feel of it under their feet.Whatever the reason, there are many new options to choose from."

We regularly discuss trends in design, color and carpet in The Carpetology Blog, but Christine expounded on her quote from the article for me today - through input she's received from the field and our experiences with Carpetology, she has noticed the following:

There's an increased interest in non-traditional carpet because:
+ the consumer is much more fashion conscious
+ she wants to express her individual statement of style through all of her design decisions -including the floor
+ she has beautiful hard surfaces in her home and wants that elegance and fashion extended to carpeted areas

There's a noticeable increase in the sale of patterned carpet over the past year or so:
+ subtle or small patterns like pin dots, diamonds and squares, and
+ visual and textural patterns via carpet styles like casual textures or friezes, tailored friezes and thick/thin shags and cables

And of course, much to our excitement, there's more interest in color beyond beige!

We're so honored to be included in Nancy Jones-Bonbrest's article. Here's to beautiful carpet!

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