Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Foot's Perspective - Episode 12

This episode of A Foot's Perspective takes place in my Mom's dining room in Washington, DC, which features two different carpet styles.

She has taken a patterned carpet and inserted it within a textured carpet border. The effect is wonderful!

What my Mom created is something that Thom Filicia suggests in Thom Filicia's Design Inspiration Tips [although the solid texture style is not what my Mom has used in the rest of the house] and Vickie Gilstrap in The Latest in Carpet Style Trends.

This photo to the left shows you the diagonal trellis pattern and the solid textured border she chose. Isn't is fantastic?

What a way to create your own statement of style!

See for yourself how it looks. Let me know if it inspires you to try new things with carpet, especially given how many beautiful new carpet styles are now available....

[Subscribers, please click on this link to view the YouTube video clip.]

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