Monday, September 15, 2008

Please Vote For Us! Vote For Carpet!

Would you vote for us? In the Forrester Groundswell Awards?

You see, we've submitted an entry for The Carpetology Blog [see My Forrester Groundswell Awards Submission] -- which is about all things carpet -- and we are really excited about it.

Because we are passionate about carpet and The Carpetology Blog. And also because of your wonderful support. Your support added impetus for submitting an entry. Thanks to you, our traffic has grown and we are thrilled to pieces about it.

Here's the press release announcing that Wear-Dated®’s The Carpetology Blog Enters Forrester 2008 Groundswell Awards.

When we first submitted our entry, we were one of three in the Talking Category as you can see from this screen shot where The Carpetology Blog is the entry in the middle with Acuvue Wink and Johnson & Johnson health channel [YouTube].

The deadline for entries has passed and the count in our category is now up to 31, with competing entries ranging from Sears, Pentel, Rubbermaid, GM, The Wall Street Journal and many others. We are in amazing company.

You should definitely check out all of the entries in the Forrester Groundswell Awards: Talking category. And when you are there, please do scroll to the bottom of the page and read our entry [we are second from the bottom].

Or go directly to The Carpetology Blog entry and add your comment to the process. Go ahead and share your thoughts about what we do here at The Carpetology Blog. Let the world know. We intend to post all of the comments here to say thanks.

You have until October 28th, 2008. That's when Forrester will announce the results at the October 28 and 29 Forrester Consumer Forum, and when comments will be shut down.

So, please, will you visit and add your review? Feel free to let others know so they can add their voice, too.

Thank you!

~The Women of Wear-Dated

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