Monday, September 1, 2008

Meet Red Carpet Reporter Franchesca Ramsey

It's official.... Franchesca Ramsey [aka Chescaleigh] is the new YouTube and Red Carpet Reporter! Hurray! And we met her here!

Here's a recap. Elizabeth reported on the contest back in July with Be a Red Carpet Reporter!

The competition, which launched in July, invited "aspiring red carpet reporters to post their videos to a co-branded casting channel on YouTube ( Applicants posted their best two-to four-minute videos showcasing their interviewing skills as they chatted up family and friends, while pretending to be on the red carpet at a Hollywood award show."

And, then, we heard from Francesca who told us she had made it to the top 10 finalists! Elizabeth shared that news in Support Your Local Red Carpet Reporter!

We kept our fingers crossed. And, last week Francesca shared the fantastic news with us. We promised to keep quiet until she gave us the go ahead and the details.

Some of the details from the press release:

"Franchesca Leigh Ramsey, a 24-year-old communications manager with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, will spend a whirlwind two days in Los Angeles this September where she will receive the ultimate red carpet treatment herself, including hair and make-up by Revlon, a clothing allowance, VIP entry to exclusive events, before fulfilling her dream of working the red carpet interviewing television’s biggest names."

If you haven't already, do view Franchesca’s videos:
+ Round 1 --;
+ Round 2 --

Just think, “One month ago, I was surfing celebrity entertainment websites, performing stand up in front of small crowds, and dreaming of what it would be like on the red carpet.” And, now, we can look forward to her amazing Red Carpet adventure.

Before she took off for the Labor Day weekend, Francesca answered a few of my interview questions:

CB: Francesca, what is most important about being a red carpet reporter?

FR: For me the opportunity to showcase my personality, meet actors that have inspired me throughout my developing career and the chance to use this as a stepping stone to bigger and better make will make this the experience of a life time!

CB: What do you anticipate your biggest challenge being?

FR: Right now I'm focusing on learning as much as I can about the nominees and the programs they're on prior to the show. I have a confession to make, I don't have cable!! So I set up my Netflix so I can catch up on all the great shows that are nominated so I can be as prepared as possible. I also started making flash cards with the nominees photo on one side and all their info on the back. I want to make sure I have a funny anecdote or interesting fact about everyone I talk to. So I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I'm ready for the challenge!

CB: What have you observed so far about the actual carpet at red carpet events?

FR: Ha! Other than the fact that it's actually red, nothing really! I think I'll have to get back to you on this one, once I've actually been to a red carpet event and I can give you the inside scoop on fiber textures and such.

Thank you, Francesca, and best of luck [especially with the carpet details]! We will be following your adventures on YouTube - - and can't wait to view your Red Carpet celebrity interviews. We know they will be terrific!

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