Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Great Flooring Store Examples

Today, in honor of Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Cleaning Up Forgotten Spaces Around Us, I want to showcase delightful flooring stores with fantastic bathrooms.

What's your take on store bathrooms? Do you consider them the same way I do? A sort of litmus test for stores you can take seriously? Doesn't an unkempt bathroom send strong signals about what to expect from that store? And, doesn't a beautiful one delight you to no end?

Here are a few stores that I hope you will find as delightful as I have.

I recently featured this first flooring store in The Carpetology Blog. Perhaps you read the post? It's titled Atlanta Flooring Design Centers: Passionate About Customers. [I hope you don't mind, but I purposely didn't include these photos in that writeup. I wanted to save them to share with you during Bathroom Blogfest '08.]

These two photos come from the men's and women's rooms on the ground floor of the Suwanee, GA store. Above, in a blue theme is the women's room. Note the tile work [I love the mosaic border], the colors and the wavy glass sink. This space is deliciously soothing.

The men's room features a nifty waterfall faucet that I could have spent hours watching. Check out the tile pattern and how it complements the granite counter so perfectly. I love that the color scheme differs so much from that of the ladiesroom.

Note that both offer support bars around the toilet area. Practical, but also amazingly inspiring -- in terms of ideas to consider for your home, and what to expect from this store. What a great way to showcase what this store can do!

These next two photos come from a recently renovated and redesigned store in Webster, TX called My Flooring America. I had the opportunity to visit it in January 2008 and love the detail that I found in the bathroom.

Isn't the tile work fun? Don't you love that it's asymmetrical? Both of these photos come from the same bathroom.

I've featured other flooring stores in previous Bathroom Blogfests. If you'd like to read about them, here are links.

During the first Bathroom Blogfest in 2006, I included several flooring stores. My favorite is Aggieland Carpet One in College Station, TX. The owners, Claudia and Ron Smith, are really special people and their store is outstanding!

During last year's Bathroom Blogfest, I described Michigan Tile & Carpet. They've created a fabulous bathroom experience, worth checking out if you're in that area!

As with hotel rooms, so too in great flooring retail stores can you find inspiration. Inspiration for fashion and style ideas, and for attention that will have you wanting more. These are not forgotten spaces.

Thank you for reading.

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