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Karastan Carpet Styles Featured on

In honor of a month [i.e., National Karastan Month] during which Karastan dealers around the country showcase Karastan carpet products, we decided to feature several Karastan carpet styles made with Wear-Dated carpet fiber on the Wear-Dated home page -- giving me an excuse to get up-close-and-personal with five delicious carpet styles.

More specifically, Carlisle Bay, Wolcott, Nob Hill, Eloquence Classic, and Cabarita... All five carpet styles feature Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology from 3M for advanced stain and soil protection for carpet.

Carlisle Bay here on the left represents a loop construction with lovely texture. It features Wear-Dated DuraSoft carpet fiber.

In fact, the official writeup on Carlisle Bay describes it as follows: "Inspiring ideas begin with Carlisle Bay. This ever-versatile beauty features loads of textural loops in a handsome selection of solid and berber shades... It has the good looks and performance benefits it takes to create your ideal home."

Suzy Swensen, a former Woman of Wear-Dated now with Karastan, says "It's the best of the best! It's soft yet practical. It's loaded with textural loops offered in 30 organic colors and 10 Berber fleck neutrals all at a great value."

Wolcott, also made with Wear-Dated DuraSoft carpet fiber, represents a combination of loop and texture construction [or of cut and uncut yarns]. The end result is "the timeless look of pin-dot patterning with irresistible texture."

It is available in 22 colors.

[Credit goes to Ray Cross, one of our Wear-Dated Representatives in the Northeast, who sent me pictures of Wolcott.]

Suzy says: "This is a great value for the individual looking for something different from a cut pile carpet. Wolcott is a pin dot which easily takes customers into a patterned look."

These next two are particularly scrumptious if you are susceptible to that delicious, heavenly cushioned feel that comes from intensely thick textured carpet... Both of these feature Wear-Dated Natural Nylon carpet fiber.

Nob Hill is intensely plush. Per the official description, "Nob Hill is a heavy weight workhorse texture - sure to impress the most discriminating Karastan customer. An expansive 40 color line will satisfy decorating needs for any area of the house. Karastan "style" is written all over this product - sell with confidence!"

Suzy describes Nob Hill as "luscious, thick, very natural looking and easy to decorate with. Next to Eloquence Classic, it doesn't get any better than this!"

Having sunk my hands into Eloquence Classic, I can attest firsthand to this carpet style's opulence. I purposely include this photo on the left as it visually demonstrates how thick, crisp and clean it looks.

Per the official description, this "one of Karastan's most successful signature products gets a sure to please make over that includes a fashion palette of 60 luscious shades sought after by today's most discriminating consumers. The distinctive texture of this handsomely rugged heavy, nubby twisted yarn provides an unbeatable combination of value and durability."

Cabarita room scene courtesy of Karastan.
Cabarita is a delicious frieze or casual texture, made with Wear-Dated DuraSoft carpet. It's comfortable and durable and available in 32 colors.

According to the official description, "Consumers who invest in Cabarita can create their own relaxing living space - using both solid and berber flecks - that will perform for years. One more outstanding casual wall-t0-wall carpet by Karastan."

Suzy adds that Cabarita's very natural colors blend well with any decor.

Five stylish reasons to go explore what your local Karastan dealer has featured during National Karastan Month. Don't miss it. You might discover that you desperately need to buy one or several of these carpet styles!

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Anonymous said...

I have recently put in wall to wall Karastan Coastal Elegance, shag, from a new generation of carpet fiber - Smartstrand™ 3GT Sorona®-with built-in features that make it remarkably stain resistant, durable, soft, beautiful, easy to clean, and long lasting. I now want to have the carpeting cleaned. My regular carpet cleaner said he doesn't know how to clean this kind of carpeting. I looked up Karastan Carpet Care and sent that to him. Do you have any further recommendations?

CB Whittemore said...

Anonymous, your Karastan Coastal Elegance sounds marvelous! I checked in with a Mohawk/Karastan friend who says re: SmartStrand: "It should be cleaned just like nylon - a normal hot water cleaning method would be fine, from a quality carpet cleaning company. I had mine cleaned and unknown to me, the cleaning company applied Scotchgard to the carpet which is totally unnecessary. No topical stain treatment is needed."

I hope that helps you.

All the best and thanks very much for stopping by and sharing your comment.


Anonymous said...

On 6/2/09 we had Karastan Smartstrand Novella / Nougat installed in 4 bedrooms, living room and family room (the rest of the house has parquet hard wood floors). By the end of September -mid October 2009 the carpet started showing all over change of color - a dirty look evenly distributed but more prominent at the entry of each room. We turned in a complaint, they sent their people out to clean the carpet and the color did not return to the original installed shade. Karastan was notified and has agreed to replace ALL the carpet. We have chosen another Karastan brand made with NYLON to replacement the Smartstrand Novella carpet.

CB Whittemore said...

Anonymous, I don't have much experience with SmartStrand and am sorry to hear about your poor experience. I'm hopeful that your nylon experience will be happier. There's nothing worse than an ugly carpet in a beautiful home. Best, CB

Anonymous said...

May of 2009 we purchased Out of Africa nylon friese carpeting. We paid around $36.00 a yd for it. We felt it was a very tight woven short shag and would wear good.

You do not come in from the outside elements onto the carpet and we do not wear our shoes in the house. My husband and myself, both retired along with our dog live in our house.

I called the dealer after 5 mos. and told him of the wearing it was showing, as I had sold carpet myself. We were told it was cornrowing and very much normal. To our dismay, the dealer nor Mohawk did anything Our carpet is showing about 20 per cent wear according to a man that does carpet caints for another store. This was my first purchase and my LAST of a Mohawk carpet.

CB Whittemore said...


I hate hearing about your poor experience with this product and can imagine your unhappiness - especially given all of the care you take to not bring outside elements inside. How aggravating.

Thanks for sharing it.


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