Monday, October 20, 2008

Carpet: The Solution for Uncertain Economic Times?

Yes, you read right: carpet may just be the solution to uncertain economic times. Here's my reasoning.

Unless you've been living in a fall-out shelter, you know that the economy isn't at its best right now - to say the least. And because of this, it's easy to get swept up by worry about the condition of your bank, your job and your 401K, especially since the media hasn't covered anything else in recent months except the impending presidential election. And of course, while you're worried about your job and your 401K, you've probably abandoned all hope of selling the house you planned to move out of a year ago. Don't lose hope yet. You may not be able to buy a new house right now, but you can certainly spruce up the one in which you're currently living with carpet.

In fact, Wear-Dated just sent a news release out into the world discussing ways in which homeowners can enhance and add value to their homes. If you're searching for information on carpet and carpet care, you may come across it, but we thought these were such great ideas, you might want to read about them here as well.

Basically, realize that - even in a depressed market - your house's interior doesn't have to reflect the mood of the outside world. Plus, if you give your home's decor a boost, you may give your own morale a boost as well.

Tip #1 – Don’t let carpet stains sit – take care of them immediately. Whether carpet already covers the floors of your home or you’re in the market for new flooring altogether, you can keep your carpet looking like new using the Stain Removal Guide at Here, you’ll find everything from the tools you should have on hand to the steps for removing specific stains like hand lotion, catsup and candle wax. Choose a stain from the drop down menu and read step-by-step instructions to safely remove it from your carpet. [Image at left compliments of ABC Rug & Carpet Care.]

Tip #2 – Your carpet’s color can make a beautiful design statement. To learn more about color as a design tool, make sure to visit us here at The Carpetology Blog. If you haven't already, do read our discussions about the impact color has on home design, home d├ęcor ideas from Wear-Dated’s color guru Ann Hurley, and seasonal predictions for color and design trends. You can also access the blog from the Wear-Dated Web site home page or check out excerpts in the Wear-Dated website Newsroom.

Tip #3 – Give your home a modern makeover with carpet! Compared to buying a whole new house (or the pain of trying to sell your current home), carpet costs very little. Add design flair to a room with a stylish new frieze, a retro shag or a subtle loop. Try on hundreds of carpet styles and options in the Plan & Design section of

And don't forget, you can find a Wear-Dated retailer using the Find Carpet Retailers function on Making an easy way to freshen your interior - and banish uncertain economic times - just around the corner...

P.S.: Christine suggests another carpet solution for uncertain economic times...

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