Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Carpet Stain Removal iPhone App

Shaw Floors Carpet Stain Center App
I love practical solutions especially when they help me deal with messy hassles such as carpet stains.  The latest I've come across is an iPhone app offering specific instructions on how to remove carpet stains! It's the Shaw Floors Carpet Stain Center.

Available free, you can check it out on iTunes or download it directly to your iPhone, iTouch or iPad by searching on the exact name or also "carpet stain" [there may be a few other search terms, but my iPhone isn't cooperating at the moment].

The application lets your search alphabetically through almost 1000 different stain types. Alternatively, you can type the specific stain into a search window. Once you identify your stain, the app offers a recommended stain removal procedure, specific techniques and solutions [aka cleaning solutions] to have handy.

Some additional thoughts relating to carpet stain removal:
  • You do want to act quickly when you have a carpet stain.
  • You may want to keep handy in your home the carpet cleaning solutions listed. For example, a detergent solution in a spray bottle, water in a spray bottle, solvent, white vinegar, ammonia, ammonia/hydrogen peroxide mixture...
  • The technique to use for dealing successfully with carpet stains is "Blot, don't Rub!" Check out this post on How To Remove A Carpet Stain for more detailed instructions.
  • Removing carpet stains takes time.
I encourage you to download the app which is mighty handy for dealing with carpet stains.

And, then, let me know what you think!

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