Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spring/Summer 2012 Carpet Style Trends From Scarlet Opus

Spring/Summer 2012 Carpet Style Trends From Scarlet Opus
My friends at Scarlet Opus always manage to create trend stories that captivate, innovate and generate ideas to inevitably inspire endless carpet style trends. Here, I share a preview of their Spring / Summer 2012 trend presentation.

Interestingly, the trend themes build on the notion of "season of collaboration" based on the UN declaration that 2012 is the The International Year of Co-operatives:

“… people who unite to meet common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly and democratically controlled enterprise.”

As Shelley Pond describes in her post: "A vast meeting of minds is occurring, a solidarity which could reshape our world. Standing together, embracing a world community, partnership, sharing, supporting. We arrive at the Spring/Summer 2012 season looking at things from a different perspective, a new stand point of positivity and determination to set things right. A global reboot!"


"The seasons styles are seductively sensorial; sound waves of patterns, high pitched colours, sharp fractured shapes … we awaken to a new aesthetic. A season of change, chaos, contradictions; products that soothe us, schemes that shake us up, patterns that reassure us, colours that alarm us. A beautifully, imperfect, harmony."

I'm ready! Are you?

Scarlet Opus' Spring/Summer 2012 Trends includes the following six themes:

Savoir-Faire: a re-establishing of Mid-Century values in the 21st Century paving the way for common courtesy, conviviality, and sobriety to reign supreme.

Eco-Carnival: a global fusion of rhythmic patterns, bright botanicals, and tribal geometrics with a South American beat.

Cultural-Nexus: a celebration of the power of the collective, connectivity, and community from the Middle East and beyond.

Colour-Capital: a dynamic mood of hi-energy, plugged-in colour, and positive vibrations from the future cityscape.

Majestic-Minimalism: a look back in order to look forward, harmoniously merging historical features with pared-down Modernism.

The-Abyss: an exploration into the depths of the world’s Oceans; the unexplored, the unknown, the extraordinary.

Thank you, Shelley, Victoria, Phil and the entire team at Scarlet Opus for sharing this vision of style trends to come!

For the full experience, visit the original Scarlet Opus post titled Spring / Summer 2012 - Sneak Peak on the Scarlet Opus Trends Blog which includes more images and perspective on each trend.

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