Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carpet & Flooring iPhone Apps

Cool iPhone appsSince my last post - Carpet, Flooring, iPhone Apps & Mohawk Me - on the subject of iPhone apps, I got curious. Really curious about what else is out there on the app store that relates to flooring and carpet.

Especially since it isn't necessarily intuitive to discover applications of interest in iTunes.

Here, then, is what I've come across. I welcome your additions.

Carpet & Flooring iPhone Apps

Carpet Games on the iPhone

Flying Carpet - $.99
Carpet Flight - $.99

[reminded me of Magic Flying Carpets]

Carpet eBook on the iPhone

Yes, there's an eBook: The Phoenix & The Carpet - $1.99

Practical Carpet & Flooring iPhone Apps

Carpet Calculator - $.99 [from http://www.4kssoftware.com]

Carpet Shopping Guide - $2.99 [from PTAJ Marketing Inc.]

iLocate Lumber - $.99 [from Brighthouse Labs]
iLocate Carpet & Flooring - $.99

From Bear Creek Lumber, 2 apps: [NOTE: both links below open directly into iTunes]
+ iPhone Board Feet Calculator - free
+ iPhone LumberCalc - $.99

Floor Finder by Lumber Liquidators - free [NOTE: this is a 10mb download]

I - unfortunately - haven't tried any of these, but I am curious if you have.

Are there other Carpet & Flooring iPhone Apps that you've come across? I'd love to hear more.

Image credit: Mashable - 8 Coolest iPhone Apps at iPhoneDevCamp from 7/8/2007]

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Design Trends 2010: Carpet, Floors & More

With the New Year come the latest design trends offering inspiration for carpet, floors and much more. I share with you here resources for discovering more!

As a result of Celebrating Carpet: UK's Fun On the Floor With Style, I became acquainted with global trend forecaster Scarlet Opus, based in Yorkshire, England.

I did a blog interview with co-owner, Phil Pond [see Meet Scarlet Opus' Phil Pond], and am planning on meeting in person co-owner Victoria Redshaw at Surfaces 2010.

Scarlet Opus interests me because it uniquely focuses on interiors and products and décor for the home and home environments with a marvelous global twist. Given Victoria's global perspective, I thought you would be interested in the latest design trends that she has written about.

I'd love to hear what appeals to you the most...

Here goes:

+ From the Surfaces Blog, see 2010: new year... new way of thinking and being seen to be green. The photos are scrumptious and truly show off how beautiful a design element carpet is [as you can see from the photo above].

+ The Scarlet Opus Blog is a feast for the eyes and definitely worth exploring. Top Colour Trend Tip for 2010: Blue offers perspective on how important the color blue will be.

+ Although from January 2009, this article Houses as homes: don't move, improve - to which Victoria contributed - makes a strong point about improving what you have and how to do so with colors and textures... [Also check out Victoria's suggestions at the bottom of this article New Year New Décor for homeowners .]

+ Last, but not least, the Top 10 Colour Trend Tips for 2010...

Which are your favorite color and design trends for 2010? Which will you add to your home and how?

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