Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Wear-Dated Brand & Memory Lane...

Wear-Dated 1968Time for a trip down memory lane for the Wear-Dated brand...

I mentioned in Meet C.B. Whittemore that I track mentions of Wear-Dated. Even though I no longer have any association with the brand, I really enjoy capturing these now elusive digital signs of Wear-Dated's earlier days - many of which remind me of my early days at then Monsanto's New York City offices located at 1460 Broadway when I worked on Wear-Dated in the Acrilan acrylic fiber division. I'd visit with my boss, Gary Petersen, and he would regale me with stories of Wear-Dated campaigns and programs...

In these latest mentions to have come through my inbox, do note the logo. The large "A" at the bottom refers to Monsanto's Acrilan acrylic fiber.

These two women in the image on the left appeared in a 1968 advertisement.

You'll love this site with page 16 from the 1971 Sears Catalog: Ladieswear... Be sure to check out each image and read the captions.

Note the third image of two women wearing Acrilan acrylic fiber knit dresses; the Wear-Dated logo barely peaks through at the bottom. Do you recognize the model on the left?

Wear-Dated 1964This next image of a man smiling in front of a schoolbus is from 1964. It was listed on eBay as "1964 Wear Dated Co Vintage Ad Smiling Man,School BUS" in January 2010. It's no longer available...

Wear-Dated stripesThe copy on this ad with bold striped knit shirts reads:

"Wear-Dated stripes are guaranteed. You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions.

These Wonderknit Lord Blair knit shirts are 100% Acrilan acrylic fiber, the richest of wash-and-wear. And they're Wear-Dated: unconditionally guaranteed for one year's normal wear. Replacement or refund by Chemstrand - read the Wear-Dated tag. See them in living color at fine stores everywhere. Long and short sleeves. Styles for boys, from $3.50. For men, from $5.00. Chemstrand, N.Y. 1, a Division of Monsanto Chemical Company, makes Acrilan acrylic fiber. The shirts are by Lord Blair.

Trust the Big Red "A." Buy when you see this tag."

In this next image, note that the Wear-Dated logo features a "C" [I assume for Chemstrand] rather than the "A" featured above. I came across this listing in January 2010, this time on Etsy where the garment is still available for purchase.

Wear-Dated 1960s
Here is a link to the full listing: VINTAGE 1960'S MOD SLEEVELESS TOP NWT SIZE by sewingmachinegirl. "When originally sold the top was Wear Dated- which guaranteed it for one years full normal wear! A wonderful genuine vintage top for this summer ! ..." It is made of nylon fiber.

My last find brings Wear-Dated back to carpet with two 1991 commercials for Wear-Dated carpet with stainblocker...

Per the description, they were aired on a local Los Angeles station KCOP-TV in February 1992.

1991 Wear-Dated Carpet With Stain Blocker Commercials
Uploaded by VSNHeats. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

That's it for now. I'm all caught up on my Wear-Dated brand historic mentions.

Until next time!

PS: For more on this subject, check out Signs Of Another Brand Trail: Wear Dated, Wear-Dated Brand Evolution and Creation Stories.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Carpets of Vegas: Floorscapes at the Casino

Talk of the Town Casino FloorscapesHave you checked out The New Yorker, and specifically The Talk of The Town? You're in for a treat because the 4/5/10 issue titled At The Casino FLOORSCAPES by Lauren Collins discusses carpet and more specifically 'psychedelic' Casino carpet as interpreted by New York-based photographer named Chris Maluszynski.

In addition to the article, there's a companion Slide Show: The Carpets of Vegas published on March 29, 2010 which offers a glimpse of 8 bold, kaleidescopic patterned casino carpet floorscapes. I suggest you look through them first then return to Lauren's article.

In the slideshow summary as well as the full article, you may notice that I'm quoted...
Collins quotes Christine B. Whittemore, who runs a blog called Carpetology: “A lot of the busyness of the patterns may be about keeping people active, as too much relaxing may not inspire gambling.”
Talk about excited!

I spoke with Lauren Collins on March 22nd. She had noticed several stories covered here in the Carpetology Blog about casino carpet and wanted to further discuss big, bold and busy carpet patterns to put into perspective Maluszynski’s show “Feared and Loathed: The Carpets of Las Vegas” which opened April 1st, 2010, at the 25CPW gallery, on Central Park West in NYC.

Thanks to the annual Surfaces show, I've seen my fair share of casino carpet in Las Vegas. What's more is that I toured the Wynn and the Encore this past February and was able to share some of those insights with Lauren. The carpet photo you see in Carpet Style Trends 2010 is from our starting point for the tour in the Wynn. Its sister in the neighboring Encore featured the same red background but with butterflies.

I love Maluszynski's characterization of three categories of Vegas Casino Carpets:

1. geometric shapes
2. organic shapes
3. themed shapes

Can you think of other categories?

In her article, Collins mentions David G. Schwartz, the director of the Center for Gaming Research, who has posted on his blog the die is cast pictures and an essay on Casino Carpet: The Quest & Conundrum. Definitely check those links out.

Thanks, Lauren, for a really fun conversation and for the opportunity to contribute to your article.

I wonder if I should relaunch A Foot's Perspective with a Casino Carpet angle?

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