Monday, January 28, 2008

"Feet Appreciate Beauty"

“Feet appreciate beauty in their own right. A little pedicure, foot rub and some nail polish and that once ho-hum foot is now ready for a night on the town. Throw a pair of strappy stilettos in the mix and your now sexy little left and right will be turning heads right and left. Like everything, feet like to be admired. No different than the carpet in your home.”

That excerpt is from the award winning Wear-Dated brochure, By The Foot – a foot’s perspective of beauty. Life. Carpet.

Some fourteen months ago we determined it was time to update the Wear-Dated marketing materials. Past brand marketing efforts had resulted in a very fine reputation for producing durable carpet fiber….nothing wrong with that! So why change? The challenge we presented to ourselves was to maintain our coveted reputation for durability while making the way in which we communicate our message more relevant to our audience, the female consumer. While a durable product is certainly relevant, we know beauty and comfort are important characteristics for her as well.

Now you may not know it, but the very best type of nylon fiber is nylon 6,6. That's the kind of nylon carpet fiber we make. Nylon 6,6 is actually the result of some pretty sophisticated organic chemistry, created by really intelligent chemical engineers. Our challenge? How to tell the female consumer that good chemistry means durability, beauty, and comfort in her home. We decided the very best way to tell the story of good chemistry would be to engage her with color and quirkiness, simplify the content into a more consumer friendly format that educates about the benefits of Wear-Dated carpet fiber, and then connect with her on an emotional level.

By The Foot of course is a take off on the way in which carpet is planned within a room, but it is something far more interesting than just measurement. If we picked just one part of the body that should have a legitimate say about the sensory experience of carpet – or any flooring material for that matter – feet should have the first and last word. Thus, we wanted to create a unique visual experience that would sell the benefits of our Wear-Dated carpet fiber from the perspective of……feet! The result is an interesting and unique story that connects in a casual, sassy kind of way. The graphic design, colors, illustrations, and copy all come together in a way that is her best friend explaining the ‘how & why’ rather than the stodgy salesman…..informative but with lots of feminine personality.

This was an adventurous concept for carpet industry literature, but we’ve heard it described as eccentric but fun…, informative and smart..., whimsical yet serious…, sometimes strong, sometimes beautiful… Just like a woman. Coincidence?

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