Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Foot's Perspective - Episode 1

The Women of Wear-Dated like to look at the world - and carpet - somewhat differently. Whenever possible, we like to take the foot's perspective in evaluating life, beauty and carpet.

In fact, that's the approach we've taken with Wear-Dated's By The Foot marketing campaign as Marianne Cone explains in "Feet Appreciate Beauty."

The brochure itself is one foot square in size.

The brochure cover is textural, inviting the hand [or the foot] to feel it.

Carpet - from the perspective of the foot - is absolutely the star.

I'm really taken with the concept and the visual nature of By The Foot [yes, I am a visual thinker]. It's also a fantastic conversation starter with retailers and retail salespeople to get them thinking about how sensual a product carpet is, and how it can enhance our lives as consumers both in terms of expressing our individuality and stylishness, and as a comfortable foundation for living.

So, inspired by my friend Matt Dickman, Techno/Marketer extraordinaire, with a dose of unusual perspective from the Upside Down Show, I share with you Episode 1 of "A Foot's Perspective" brought to you by The Women of Wear-Dated direct from midtown Manhattan.

[Subscribers please click on this YouTube link to view.]

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