Friday, December 12, 2008

The Wear-Dated Carpet Buying Sheet

We've just published what I consider to be a really valuable document to refer to when you buy carpet. It's the Wear-Dated Carpet Buying Sheet and consists of tips, advice and questions to ask when you are ready to purchase carpet. The goal of it: to ensure that you have the best overall experience possible with carpet.

The Wear-Dated Carpet Buying Sheet came about as Annette and I discussed carpet complaints and what types of complaints might be preventable. Many were. And consumers told us that they wished they had known before they had problems what they should have been doing.

After all, carpet represents a major purchase - like a car or a major appliance. But, unlike those other major purchases, it doesn't come with a comparable instruction manual. Wouldn't you want to know ahead of time what is important for carpet care and carpet maintenance and carpet warranty compliance? I would.

That's how the Wear-Dated Carpet Buying Sheet came about. Tips, advice and suggested questions to ask your retailer before you leave the store.

For example, warranties.

Did you know that carpet often carries multiple warranties? From the retailer, the carpet manufacturer and – for better quality carpet – from the fiber manufacturer. [Note: Wear-Dated is a carpet fiber and we offer a warranty on carpet made with Wear-Dated carpet fiber.] The different warranties may differ one from the other in their requirements. They may also be affected by the carpet pad or cushion you purchase. Best to know ahead of time.

The best time to determine which warranties apply is at purchase, by asking the retailer and noting details from the back of the carpet sample.

And, how best to maintain carpet.

Carpet must be vacuumed regularly [at least twice per week] and professionally cleaned every 18 to 24 months. But, did you know that certain styles of carpet [e.g., shag or some loops] prefer a suction-only vacuum? Proper maintenance ensures that carpet retains its beauty over time. How it is done will also affect a carpet owner’s warranty. Best to know ahead of time.

I grew up considering ‘vacuuming’ a generic activity. Actually, until recently I thought that. I've learned though - from spending time with Annette Smith and getting involved in the Wear-Dated website - that it isn't!.. Vacuums have become more specialized, and their power greater. And which vacuum you use matters for your carpet. [Hint: beware of beater bars...]

Another important piece of advice: keep your purchase receipts. You may need them.

The Wear-Dated Carpet Buying Sheet includes these and other valuable tips. It can be downloaded from the Wear-Dated website.

If you see anything missing, please let me know.

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