Thursday, December 22, 2011

DOMOTEX 2012 Carpet Trends

DOMOTEX 2012 Carpet Trends
DOMOTEX 2012 has just released an ebook with Carpet Trends for 2012. It's visual candy and wonderful inspiration for ideas on what's possible with carpet style and fashion trends.

The document refers to three trends:

1. Fashionable: Stylish and Eye-Catching Carpet

2. Natural: The New Organic Look

3. Classic: Timeless Design With a New Twist

You can download the DOMOTEX Carpet Trends 2012 by clicking on this link.

I'd love to hear your reactions. Which carpet trend do you find most interesting? Which might you include in your home design scheme?


David Yoder said...

Thanks for the article on 2012 trends. Which is my favorite? Why not all 3? Fashionable, natural and classic?

I remain a big fan of wool carpeting - which served my home well now for 7 years.

David Yoder
Boulder, CO

CB Whittemore said...


What a perfect answer! They are all great.

I agree with you on wool...

Thanks for chiming in.


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