Friday, June 20, 2008

Bill Gates and Carpet... What Does The Future Hold?

So, what do Bill Gates and carpet have in common? And, how will that affect the future?

According to Floor Daily, Bill Gates Enters The Carpet Business in UK. This is dated 5/29/08.

In short, Gates' "Cascade Investment has taken a 3 percent stake in Britain's Carpetright." This is the UK's largest floor covering retailer with over 400 stores in the UK and Ireland.

According to Mark Hopwood's Sylleptic blog, it may have to do with "interactive floor coverings" as suggested in a MicroSoft announcement about upcoming [i.e., 2010] multitouch interfaces...

Since we are considering a link to technology, perhaps Gates' move has to do with Smart Carpet: Your Key To Survival?

Or, combine technology with the theater and Carpet Creates 'Theatre of the Senses'. That, too, might be an option.

Here's an investor's take on Gates' decision in Bill Gates Buys Stake In Carpetright. He's simply following in Warren Buffett's footsteps and making value-based investments.

The optimist in me says that high profile stakes in carpet and flooring retailers is good for us.

Which means that the future holds good things for carpet and flooring products and the beauty, comfort and durability they bring to our homes.

That's my take, and I'm sticking with it! Would you care to share yours?

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