Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Foot's Perspective - Episode 7

Episode 7 of A Foot's Perspective comes from my gym.

My gym has recently gone through a renovation. I like what they've done - especially from the perspective of a foot.

They've opened up the space, added windows and put in this very exciting patterned carpet that delights me every time I set foot on it. Actually, it delights me the minute I see it.

To situate things, this carpet covers the second floor of the gym. Downstairs, in the lobby area, they've placed grey and black granite underfoot - which looks cold, formal and hard. The weight rooms sport a rubberized surface.

Imagine, then, coming from the cold, hard lobby up the stairs to this fabulous carpet.

The ochre color is warm to the eyes while the grey keeps it from being uncomfortably warm.

The irregular plaid pattern combined with the visual texture communicates energy and makes me feel really good about working out.

[I'm sad to say, though, that the renovation stopped at the doors to the current spinning room which features the drabbest, most thread-bare, dated carpet as you can see below. I think it was part of the 1980s mauve explosion...]

I spend the majority of my gym time in the spin room. I bemoan that drab threadbare horror as I go through my workout. Maybe that's why I love the new patterned, textured carpet so much. I see it before spinning like a demon, and get to enjoy it as I leave...

In short, the new carpet inspires me. For that reason, I am pleased to feature it in this latest episode of A Foot's Perspective.

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Thank you for watching!

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